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Which way would you go?

  • Here's the hypothetical scenario for a work/life balance choice:

    You have a good job in many ways - decent salary, close to home, good benefits, friendly co-workers, family-friendly boss & flex time, stable company. But you are bored. You're early mid-career, and you've been in the same company for ~10 years. You have progressively more responsible roles, but progress up the ladder and raises are inching their way up slowly.

    You decide to look for a job. You find a job that looks interesting in a headhunter posting, but there aren't many details about the company (of course). The job is at least a level jump with exciting responsibilities and duties. . .a whole new type of company. . . and a 50% pay increase, potentially. You meet the experience and skill requirements. Yes! For a similar opportunity at your current employer, you estimate 3 years for the position, 4-5 for the pay increase.

    The headhunter contacts you and when you learn about the company, you find out it's an hour away. . .but they do pay for relo if desired. You don't want to move right now, but maybe it could work. . .Problem is you have kids in school and kids in daycare. You have a sig other.

    Would you pursue the opportunity anyway, and if they offered you that 50% pay raise, take it?
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  • I don't know what I would do.

    A 50% pay raise is a huge amount of money. Work two years to earn 3 years of your current salary! But, kids in school and daycare. . .those are the beautiful years for a mom raising kids and I wouldn't want to miss that extra hour.

    I think I'd be inclined to pursue the opportunity fully, though. If the company/boss/position/salary all turned out to be perfect, I would say yes. If anything was off slightly, I wouldn't do it. I think I could tolerate the commute for a while, and then I'd either move if the position was so fabulous or look for another position back in my city. Honestly, I think I would be more worried about the demands of the higher-level position taking time from my family than the actual commute. As for resolving the mommy guilt, I know that when I am not satisfied in my job, like the hypothetical person, I am not fully engaged at home anyway.
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  • I think I would take it, and if I absolutely loved it I would move to be closer (cause like you say I wouldn't want to miss that extra hour). It's a tough one though.
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  • I'm pretty much in your situation without the 10 years and without the new job offer. I work for an excellent company, great pay, great benefits, flextime, paid vacation and sick days, and lots more BUT I'M SO MISERABLY BORED OUT OF MY MIND. The thing is when we don't have anything to do, we just get told to enjoy the downtime. However, emails are "quota time" meaning you have 1 hour per day in 5 minute chunks to be in personal emails/sports pages/ society or lifestyle pages (such as medical information or parenting things you may want to research) and a few other things. Thank GOD blogs aren't blocked. Games are restricted. Our downtime truley is downtime. I sit in my cube, because we're not supposed to socialize a whole lot, and play Freecell or Spider Solitaire. Microsoft needs to make a trivia game that comes in their game pack since those are the only ones I can get into. I need mental stimulation on days like this!!
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  • i'd take it! the commute you can deal with for a while... then maybe split the difference and move somewhere in between - 30 minutes is doable on both sides! and as goofy as school districts are you might even stay in the same school system! ha! honestly - 50% is HUGE especially if there is the potential for more later and it's something you REALLY want to do!
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  • Did you apply or go on an interview yet?

    Interview no matter how unsure you are. As you get closer and closer to the possibility of this new job, you'll probably discover how you truly feel. Are you getting nervous about the changes? Are you so excited you can't wait? Are you willing to either drive one hour each day, will your family pack up and move? You can also make a plus/negative sheet. Then leave it alone for a while and come back to it.

    You sound very excited about it already and it's so difficult to be bored all day.

    Good luck.
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  • not to go into too much detail

    having relocated countries every 2 yrs as for my entire childhood want' soooo bad

    i say - relocation is healthy for the entire family - and 1hr away isn't that far, still can stay in touch with friends on weekend.

    go for it.

    change is always good.
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  • No way! I work and live 40 min. apart and I'm finding that it's a struggle to get the kids quickly if there's an emergency at school. I hate not being able to be there for them when they need me. I feel extremely guilty. There is a possibility for me to switch to a closer facility, but I'm low-girl on the totem pole and need to wait until someone leaves. Very frustrating.

    Make sure the gig is worth the heart-ache!
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  • If you are thinking of taking on the hour commute, I say NO. I commute up to 1.5 hrs per day and I am about to blow my brains out. If anything comes up with the kids, I am way to far away to get there quickly. I am actualy thinking of taking a 50% pay CUT for the flexibility you seem to have now at your current job.
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  • I´d go for it and I would definitely think about moving, but obviously talk it over with your SO!
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