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March Goals!

  • Can you believe that it will be March in just 2 days?!?!

    Anyways, just thought I would start up the discussion for March goals so that we can get to working on these on Saturday!

    My goal: Take my vitamin everyday! (and therefore remember to remind my step-daughter to take hers!) Woo-Whoo for Flintstones!
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  • Wow, February flew by - thanks for posting this, I would have let March just get under way without recognizing it.

    My small goal for March is to check email less frequently and in dedicated chunks -- so not answering or reading emails as they come in, interrupting other work.
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  • My goal is to FINALLY get the new Dandysound website up and running. We have so many changes that it's time to get it all out there. Yes, I can do it!!
  • My goal is to relax more. I´ve been really overworking myself and I´m heading for a burn-out. :S
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  • This is my first month to set some goals, so I really am going to start small! First, I will send birthday cards to all the people on my "list." I have a graveyard of cards I bought and meant to get in the mail, but did not.

    Second, I will resolve to drink more water every day. I feel so much better when I'm hydrated (duh), but I seem to have problems remembering this- and end the day having had some coffee and that's about it. Not good.
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  • March goal is some serious OFFLINE marketing for my biz! I found a great list of ideas and I am going to make a plan to do something each day for the month of March! The thought both excites and exhausts me

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  • My first goal for March is to finally start working out...we are going to the beach in June AND I am supposed to be training for a half marathon.

    My second goal is to get my business off and running. It will just be online and on-the-side but I am excited about it.
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  • March is for MARCHING! so i am going to clean out my office/spare room/workout room and stock it so that i am motivated to work out in the mornings and just shower/dress upstairs for full family benifit (hubby gets an extra hour of sleep this way! he is very supportive of this endever!!)

    my 2nd goal is to pick back up on some of my 'extra' businessy type things i had been workingon before my 'real' job got the better of me
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  • This month my goal is to take time out for myself atleast two times a week- to do something relaxing thats not centered around work, the kids, or my husband. I need to find myself again b/c I've lost my sense of self somewhere in the daily struggles of balancing life.
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  • My goal for March is to walk for 10-15 minutes at lunch time Mon thru Friday. For some reason, I am on an eating frenzy lately and I need to get rid of some calories somehow!
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