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March Goals!

  • My goal for March is to bring coffee and breakfast with me to work so I avoid the unnecessary $6 latte and yogurt from Starbucks every day.
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  • My goal for March is to take and pass my RE Exam. I have been procrastinating for the last 3 months. My goal is to finally complete something I start.
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  • My goals are to get my website up & running and to stay off the computer between 6-9pm so I can focus on family time (I started this one this week and am almost past the withdrawls & shakes - I am so serious!)
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  • My goal is to get to bed at my regular time: 10:30ish. (Read for a while, then get to sleep around 11ish.) I've been staying up later to work. My husband stays up very late, too, so that encourages me to stay up later, I think. But he seems to need less sleep. Anyway, that is my goal.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 3rd March 2008
  • Well, I did meet my February goal. . .I started an exercise program. I stopped mid-month so I wouldn't be too sore for my snowboarding vacation. Then I broke my nose on vacation (don't ask). Then my 3 year old was sick. Then I was sick. . .

    And now it's March 3. Shorts weather is coming soon. I'm starting running, again! Slowly. Maybe I can last a whole month this time!
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  • My March goal is 30 new team members, our company is offering Free distributorship this month so I know its attainable and I already have 8!

    Spring Clean and declutter!!!!!
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  • I know we're already into March, but I'm going to put my goals out there anyway.

    -Finish my taxes

    -Sign 3 new team members (I already have 1)

    -Plan for April Oppor-tini Event

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  • design mom!! i am so guilty of the same! i think it has more to do with the fact that i dont have to do anything other than stand inline and order the yumminess in a cup... somedays it is SO WORTH the cost.

    but this month, i am trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar i eat... and be more consistant with my walking/running so i can actually get into a habit!
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  • OK, it is late in the month but never too late, right?

    My goal is to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, the Aryuvedic way.
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  • Very late in the month, but I'm new to the site (and, thus, this group/discussion). I will make it my very small goal to post the pictures online that have been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks now. For some reason, it's more fun to take them then it is to post them!
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