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spitting out food

  • My 11 month old has this new lovely habit of spitting out most of the baby food after each spoonful. My older two girls never did this (as far as we can remember they are 8 and 11) and my husband and I are not sure how to handle this. Any suggestions?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by maryellen on 29th February 2008
  • I know this can be caused by a few things. Is your baby just playing around? Or is it a perceived problem with the food? If you think it may be in reaction to the food, it could be that your baby doesn't like textures or isn't ready for them yet. If you think it is primarily behavioral...i.e. goofing off, my suggestion would be to ignore it. Don't give the baby any attention for that sort of thing unless it's to say "no" (definitely don't laugh). If it gets really bad set a boundary. Take the food away for a couple of minutes after he/she spits. It's pretty common for little ones to go through this every now and then (speaking from experience as a daycare worker). Good luck! If nothing else remember that this too shall pass!
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  • lol my son did this too, sometimes still does! but usually only if he doesnt want to eat that particular food.

    sometimes when he goes through a teething spell he only wants really crunchy textured foods and avoids anything 'smooth' (more so when he was about the age of your baby)

    i wish i could remember what age, but at some point my DS (now 20 months) also started wanting to feed himself and would NOT eat if we fed him - had to be his own spoon/spork! (we found that the 'the first years' sporks were much easier than a spoon since he could spear food and it wouldnt fall off). This was usually at the begnning of the meal and then he would be ok with us feeding him while he held onto the spoon/spork

    whats really funny is giving them something new that they dont like - and then they get this look on their face and (at least my DS) just opens his mouth and lets the food fall out into my hand! i am just happy he tries it, this compeltely grosses out my DH so maybe thats why i think it's funny LOL
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  • Feisty girl, huh?! My girl has always done this. What she spits out changes over time and depending on what she feels like eating. Maybe it's to do with teething or just what kinds of foods you are offering. It is frustrating. Just this week, she gobbled up huge amount of corn and potato chowder two nights in a row, then the third night she just spat it all out every time we tried. (She is 16mo now.) When she does it I just give her some finger foods instead.
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  • Thanks so much! I think it is a combo of all your suggestions. I had just gotten so

    fustrated! I have been doing the finger foods this weekend and when I tried a little

    sweet potatoe baby food tonight she was ok. Thanks for the support!!!!
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  • My 11 month old blows raspberries with his food, a lovely habit! Usually it´s because he´s bored or he wants to feed himself. Finger foods are a great option if you aren´t ready for a mess.
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  • My little boy is 21 months and he likes to pour everything off his plate and sometimes drops food on the floor. I've noticed it's usually worse when he's just not hungry so he looks at it as something to do if he doesn't want to eat it. Ugggg.
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