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Head lice?

  • There's a great article in yesterday's Boston Globe Sunday Magazine about head lice: s/2008/03/02/the_meaning_of_lice/

    Do you think the assumptions we make about kids and lice are fair?

    Have they ever hit your household? How did you deal with it?
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  • I'll be the first to admit. . .

    My son had lice when he was 3. It wasn't bad. A couple bugs. We didn't get a whole-household infestation. I shaved his head. . .it was 2000, and super-short hair was "in" anyway. I did RID him and vacuum like crazy, too.

    The worst part was that I had to call in sick to work to deal with the lice problem!

    Getting lice is one thing, and I accept that anyone can get it, but I am a little biased that people who repeatedly get it or can't get rid of it are dirtier than the rest of us. . .
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  • I haven't had the chance to read the article yet (it's still sitting with the rest of yesterday's paper) but I'm eager to see what it says. One of my best friends used to be the person you called in the Boston area when you got lice (she since only does a couple of heads/houses a year because it was time to move on). She's been from the richest to the poorest homes and everyone has that same comment: please don't tell anyone.

    I don't think the assumption that people are dirty is fair. If you get pregnant does that make you a slut? If you get into a car accident does that make you a bad driver? I know, I know, apples and oranges but they are all examples of broad generalizations.
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  • My granddaughter had it last winter. I believe she got it from the play gym at McDonald's. Well she kept getting it back several times because other people had it and she would get it again. My daughters got it the 2nd time around. I cleaned the myself the 2nd time around. I let my dil do it the first time and I don't really think she did a great job. So 5 weeks later when my daughters go it they were high school and middle school girls with long thick curly hair. That drove me nuts trying to go thru hair like that. I cleaned my house for 3 days straight top to bottom. Knock on wood we haven't got them back. My dil doesn't live with any more.

    I had 4 children and never had a problem before my granddaughter had it. The school was great and the school nurses really helped me.
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  • heh i will admit it here - when i was in highschool at one point, i had somehow gotten head lice!! and i am certainly not dirty! i was somehow the only one in my house that had it and the only thing we could figure out is that we had a cat with kittens who usually lived outside - we were spraying the rest of the house for fleas (she was an outside stray cat that we took in to have the kittens awww) just incase - but not my room since she was never allowed in there (or the kittens!) so sometimes it can come from other pets etc.

    iroinic that people accociate lice with dirty since just showering and washing your hair daily doesnt kill lice! however, i did read recently somewhere that they think using a hair dryer daily actually kills/prevents lice better than that RID stuff!
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  • Funny enough, they had an Arthur episode about this a while back...You know Arthur the ant eater, or whatever he is supposed to be. One thing that they mentioned in it was that lice are actually attracted to clean heads...well there goes that myth. As a kid a couple of my sisters got it once, but I never did. I just remember my Mom washing all the bedding every night for weeks, and washing everyone's hair with rid... and we all had really really really long hair.
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  • I worked in day care and I'm now a public school teacher. Head lice don't care if you're clean or dirty; they just want a head of hair in which to live. In the day care center, we would sanitize like crazy and put away the dress-up clothes until the infestation was over and the kids had all been checked repeatedly. In school, the kids have to be checked in the office before they're allowed back to class. I worry about shared lockers -- little bugs can move from one coat to another easily.
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  • I daughter turned 12 yesterday and when she was in the 4th grade she keep complaining of her head itching. At this point she was taking care of washing her own hair and I just assumed she was not rinsing all the shampoo out Finally, one day I looked and found head lice. I was mortified. We are not poor, dirty people. Just unlucky in the fact that we had lice. What a chore to wash everything, bag up stuffed animals, and do the nick picking.

    I found a great product at the health food store for natural removal. It contained tea tree oil with denatured alcohol. It took care of the problem without using any pesticide product. She now uses a tea tree oil shampoo on a regular bases. We love it.
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  • My children attend a private school, right after Christmas break we recieved a notice that one of our children had lice, we treated it after I did some reserch online and found a "recipe" using tea tree oil and lavender. The next week the whole school was closed for two days, the outbreak was bad, I guess it was the worst in the pre k and kindergarten rooms. We treated our kids as a precaution and even a few extras with the "recipe". We have never had another problem. I agree with the other moms anyone can get it.
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  • My 12 year old daughter and my 9 year old son BOTH had head lice last year. It was a nightmare. We used RID...TWICE! Both times, it returned. I suppose I didn't get all the nits out.

    I eventually gave my son the shaved head look. Not down to the scalp....but close. Solved that problem.. Boys have that advantage. Take off the hair....problem solved. My daughter, however, was not so lucky.

    I finally tried a home remedy (recommended by my neighbor). She slept in mayonnaise. Smuthered the things! We proceeded to have her sleep in mayonnaise weekly for 6 weeks. Lice cannot lay eggs until they reach a certain age (and I can't quite recall what I read, but I believe it was 2 weeks old) So, eventually, you will kill them all that way. It was alot easier that picking nits out of long hair.
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