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Head lice?

  • Oh my!

    Well none of my 4 have ever had it, but I recall last year when the school nurse traumatized my child and my household when she called me and said she "couldn't tell" if my daughter had it or not.

    She called me at home and said "she wasn't familiar with black hair," but it would be safe to treat my daughter as though she had it.

    Mortified, I washed my daughter's long hair and checked every nook and crany. I was outraged and called my pediatrician immediately who assured me that African Americans don't get lice because of the grade of their hair which is not conducive for nit growth because of the hair products and excessive heat we use on a regular basis.

    Needless to say the school nurse was NEW and needed a tutorial. My pedicatrician sent her a note and some literature and had her check my daughters hair again....SHE HAD NOTHING as we suspected!

    Who can say traumatized?
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  • We haven't had to deal with it... YET. And hopefully never. I check the kids heads everyday when I am washing/ styling their hair. When headlice hits the school (if even ONE kid has it) they send fliers home with every kid letting parents know that someone has it and to check out kids really carefully. Of course, the school screens, but its up to us as parents to keep it at bay. My younger sisters grew up in a whole different world than I did and they had constant lice. I truely believe it was because of ineffective clean up of not just heads but whole houses. Any child can get lice... but if you handle it right you can get rid of it and not have a chronic infestation problem. I don't believe stereotypes are right when it comes to a case of headlice, but they do fit the bill when it comes to chronic lice in the same kids. When my oldest daughter started Kindergarten, I was so worried about lice that I cut her hair into a short bob... now she is in 2nd grade and has long hair, but we constantly talk about not sharing items, etc... If the nasty critters make it into our house you can bet I will be cleaning every possible surface, bagging up items that cannot be cleaned and ensuring every last nit is gone from their little heads. Ick... just the thought makes me itch.
  • WE had it bad for a few months until the school nurse told me to use Mayonaisse and hair coverings. we did that for two weeks every 5 days and it went away.

    we had tried everything else & I was so upset about the chemicals and other was to treat it, Plus the fact they wernt even working
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  • When we had lice last winter. I read an article to use bug spay. I used the Raid for Flying Insects(blue can). I spraid everything, furniture, bedding, closets, clothes. It really helped. It was alot cheaper and the cans are alot bigger. I had 8 people living in our house at the time. God that was a nightmare.

    Never heard of the Mayonaise thing. I bet the was much better for your hair then all the chemical stuff. After using the RID and other chemicals on my daughters long hair. It destroyed their hair so bad. It took me months to get there hair condiitioned and back to normal.
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  • How ironic that this is the discussion.

    We have been battling head lice since JANUARY!!! We are not dirty people at all (I never believed that myth anyway). My youngest daughter came home with it. We did the complete cleaning & spraying of the house from top to bottom. We spent hours with RID and metal combs. I swallowed my pride and tried to be responsible to prevent spreading. I called my daughter's best friend's parents, I reported it to the school and to our church where my children spend time with other children. We repeated a week later as instructed. A week later the youngest had it again, (or still?).

    To make a long repeatative story short we have been doing these treatments and combings on a weekly basis only to have them return. We have done Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil treatments aslo. She and her best friend were passing it back and forth for the first few months. Being able to speak openly with that family has helped us if for no other reason than to vent to one another and compare solutions. I check heads daily and I have battled the school trying to get them to check her classroom for other possible cases. They refuse to check the kids unless a parent reports a problem and then they only check that child. The plus side is that they dont want to tramatize & embarrase the children. The down side is that here we are 4 months later and we are still fighting it. My plan THIS week is to treat and comb their hair every 4 days instead of every 7-10 days. Even though I cut their hair above their shoulders in the beginning, I am making them keep their hair up constantly and I throw all their coats and bedding in the dryer every few days to kill anything that might be hanging around.

    I have learned a lot about lice through my research and desperate searches for alternate solutions. I feel strongly that educating people about the truths and myths of lice is critical to controlling outbreaks. There should be no fear of humilitation. By being open and speaking out about our problem have heard many "confessions" from people in all walks of life. If we could just talk to one another about lice like we do colds and flus, the outbreaks might be easier to get under control.

    Never say it can't happen to you...
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  • Hello, I am new to this group. I have had to deal with the head lice a few times myself when it came to my kids. I would treat the kids, the clothes, beds,couches,and carpet. My house would smell like URINE!!! That Rid treatment is HORRIBLE. Not only did it small bad but it didn't get rid of the lice. They came back. So I had to go and get Seldane from the doctor to kill them in one shampoo. Now I find out that the seldane can be obsorbed into the body. What a nightmare. I just read two days ago about a product that has natural ingredients in it that help get rid of lice without any harmful chemicals. If you would like to have the information sent to you; email me at :
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  • 12 million of children with infestation in US/year... It's the War
    A big problem of public health and a big dilemma for moms:
    -Neurotoxic pesticides. Manufacturers use same since 60 years and now lice become resistant.
    These products must stay a long time on the children' scalp (8 hours or a night) and can reach blood system.
    - Home remedies without good results but it's the 1st step to look for a natural and active treatment.
    - The Safe Trap. The 1st organic efficiency with a removal lice and nits kit certified USDA organic.
    It is Safe for Children and Trap lice and Nits!
    More information:
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  • what a pain it really is.. I feel your pain, I really do, being that I have been there as a kid myself, and my daughter brought it home from a sleepover. What a nightmare! I have used a product called Zippity Doos and it prevents should check it out and prevent those nasty little creatures from infesting your little cherub's hair, bedding, clothing, carpeting...
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