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March 5-11th Fit Goals

  • I almost forgot to start this thread!! Several of us have stopped in here to post our goals and try to stick with them. For me, this is really helping. I'm making a bigger effort to work out because I've written down for the world to see. So far I'm down 5lbs and my abs are in the best shape they've been in in at least 10 years. Just feeling this core strength is helping me stand up taller!

    So my goals for this week are the same as last week. Anyone else want to join me in setting goals and getting more fit?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 5th March 2008
  • me me me! i am going to get up early tomorrow morning and work out on the treadmill! AND/OR i will do it again in the evening YAY!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 6th March 2008
  • I SOOO will! I was so busy in january getting new carpet and painting. I stopped working out and I was doing so wel. I am in A wedding in Jamaca in May i need to get back to my goal!! Im going to do at least 80 crunches a night!! Great jod on the 5 pounds!!
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  • I'm trying to start off small. Very small. I'm doing a teeny, tiny exercise routine every morning before I do anything else -- very basic, but it gets my heart pumping and it stretches me out and I feel a little less like a slug...
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  • I'm totally into this.... I need to drop 4 more pound post baby! These are the tough ones... Will try to work out this weekend!
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  • Victoria: 4 lbs? 4 lbs?!!? No support for you here, lady. Bring on the poundage...

    Heehee, just kidding! That's so great that you've only got the 4 to go! For me I lost all pregger weight almost right away but I was over my ideal weight to start I am. I think you'll be surprised if you just stick to a routine for a couple of weeks. And this is a great time for you, postpartum, to kick it into gear. Glad you're joining us!!

    Lylah, glad to see you here, too, though I've seen you and had no idea you needed to be here!! And can I just bow down to you for your consistency and perseverance?!!? With all you've got going on and you make that little time for YOURSELF every morning...I want to by Lylah but not in a Desperately Seeking Susan sort of way. Honest.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 7th March 2008
  • I got back on the wagon this week! I ran on my treadmill twice.

    Check out this link for motivation. A 101 year old completed a half-marathon and is going to try for a full marathon. (Hey, we could do it too if we weren't juggling raising children) 030508&prov=reuters&type=lgns
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  • I am in Florida on vaca with kids but nanna has been watching kiddies for every morning and I go walking (very fast) with my new ipod and LOVING IT!!

    I have been eating right..except drinking wrong. I had a beer yesterday and wine with dinner every night. But hey, I am on vacation.

    My husband put together a beautiful montage from jumpcuts and emailed it to me. it was us of on our honeymoon and boy was a lot thinner. It gave me more ammo to get cracking. Not to mention how sweet it was.)
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  • mo2l, that's so sweet. And how great that you're getting a little time to yourself AND exercise?!!?

    I've not been so great this week with the exercise, but I made up for some of that today. We live on a hill. A lovely steep hill. I got a flat tire at the bottom of the hill but, fortunately, the tire shop is at the bottom of the hill across the street. I pull in, tell him I'll change it but want to leave it for him to fix and he does it for me. I realize there is an identical tire in the shed and I can run up and get it. I run, in my clogs and SO NOT A SPORTS BRA, find the tire is buried under yard toys, the jogging stroller, a grill and several other items. I'm in a hurry b/c a) this guy opened a bay and is doing me a huge favor and b) the cat needs to get to the vet b/c she's dying. I carry the tire down the hill walking as fast as I can. Tire guy laughs that I ran but is grateful.

    They fix the tire. Ask for the keys. Damn, they are in the coat that I left at home b/c I was sweating so much from running. I run back up the hill and back down (much easier to go down, no?) and all is well with the car. Tire guy said that if he'd known I would run back home again he would have given me the old tire so I didn't run empty handed.

    I think I killed whatever support this bra might have had but I was surprisingly not winded by the exertion. This time just a few months ago and I think I would have been crawling up the hill. That feels good! And the cat, she's back home, back in my closet, and may recover! I'll be drinking tonight. Oh, and doing sit ups since there's a Cs game.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 10th March 2008
  • Mandy,

    I had visions in my head of you doing all of the above. Poor kitty! Hope she is feeling better. It sounds like you had lots of exercise with that hill!

    I've been meaning to tell you..nice picture!

    Take care ALL!
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