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How do you schedule your day?

  • How do you divide time between working from your home, kid, chores and husband?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 7th March 2008
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    Oh, excuse me. I needed that. I work from home and there are times when I think I have it all figured out. Then the sitter, who's only here for a few hours anyway, doesn't show. Or someone (or all) is sick. Or a client needs something yesterday but isn't sure what they want and I'm supposed to figure it out while I'm sending them what they need. Ugh.

    I'm no longer consistent in how I divide my time. For me it varies daily so I'm working on different strategies to streamline the things I can be consistent with. Like cooking. I've always tried to plan out the meals for the week ahead of time. Now I'm also working on cooking them ahead or crockpotting them. Laundry, we won't go there. Housework, an hour every day. At least for the past couple of weeks.

    It's def. hard to find a groove but every now and then I do and ride it like it's the best thing to every come along. Then it runs out and I have to find a new one. I'm realizing that this is just how it's going to be and I have to be flexible and not get so down or kick myself in the butt.
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