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Breast or bottle?

  • Which one are you going to choose and why? Is someone else (mother in law, husband) pressuring you one way or the other?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 8th March 2008
  • Nobody pressured me but i wanted to breastfeed at least for 2-3 months. So I did just that. I was lucky - my child ate from the bottle as well. So I pumped a lot and my husband or nanny fed him to give me a break. So it wasn't a big deal to switch to bottle completely. I've heard stories when some children would only do one or the other. Ours just didn't discriminate - food is food to him!
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  • We did both. I did the breastfeeding as often as I could and supplemented with formula, but I returned to work 4 weeks post partum for financial reasons and it was hard to get the time to pump as much as I wanted. It's actually not so common to breastfeed in my family but it was really important to me so I kept up with it for 6 months. More often than not, people were embarrassed to be around me while I was feeding her eventhough she and I were covered with a blanket. I felt really ostracized by most of my family (not my hubby, mom or one of my aunts, but the rest of them). After the 6 months, we were supplementing with baby cereal so she was getting full easier and didn't need so much from me. The second one will be the same. I'm not afraid to supplement with formula from day one, but it is important to ME to do the breastfeeding as well for all that good stuff in the milk. I know some women can't do it whether it be the baby's reaction or pain or lack of production, I wouldn't be totally devastated to just use formula. Do what works for you and your baby and don't be ashamed of it.
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  • This is a personal decision, breast feeding is a big decision it does take up your time (especially if you have a baby that won't take anything else) and you should be committed to your decision whatever it is Breast feeding is the ultimate in bonding, nothing can replace those precious moments. I chose to breast feed all of mine (3) for about 6 months, however the middle child would not take the bottle and I nursed her for 13 months! Longer than I originally chose but you do what you have to do! None the less I still do not regret my decision.I was also very fortunate to have several girlfriends that also had babies and they also breasfed, so it made it nice to have a "network" of breast feeding momies to communicate with.

    The important thing is make it your decision and embrace it whatever you decide.
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  • lenice is so right! it really depends on you, your child, and your situation.

    We did both right away! my son had acid reflux and sometimes did better with formula, so hubby would feed him formula bottles and i would breastfeed for the first 2-3 months. i tried pumping but it just did not work for me (and there was no where to do it at work, either!) so we just eventually went to formula only.
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  • The ladies are right! It does depend on you and the time you have.

    I breast fed and loved it. It really gives you a special bond with the baby. I did some pumping and put into a bottle, but my son wouldn't take the bottle at all. But every baby is different. I think the idea of both os great too!
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