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What's your decorating style like?

  • I'd like to think that my style is somewhere in between Asian simplistic style and kinda retro funky...if that makes any sense. But if you looked at my house you would probably say "hodge podge". So what's your decorating style? and how did you define it?

    Post pictures if you can
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  • ooh i am going to do this! right now it's kinda 'potterybarn' with sand colored walls, brown velvet curtains, tan/green couch, brown chair and dark wood dinning room. lots of browns because that's all hubby and i agree on! LOL

    i like classic mixed with a little funkiness. i would love a spash of bright green or orange or red or something! i may have to actually take a picture! hoping to remodel soon so this is a good thing to get me thinking about what i want!

    can't wait to see everyone elses responeses!
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  • Early Urban Decay. My mom used to say that too, but you can definitely see a Scandinavian influence in her house. We just don't have the inclination to decorate. Everything pretty much goes together, but it's all a hodge-podge of really old furniture (old enough to be antique, but not that valuable), hand-me-downs, pressed wood, and some stuff that we've purchased new over the years. Since we're not buying furniture anytime soon, I'd like to try and tie everything together visually. Maybe a slipcover over the couch or something. It's pink, or more of a dark dusty rose. But it's Danish and will be tough to slipcover. And we're going to be doing a lot of painting this spring.

    I love Ikea. And I love the Pottery Barn catalog stuff as well.
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  • I am all about HOME GOODS! Love it. You can make your house look like a pottery barn catalog with out the price.
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  • Cheery not dreary. Lots and lots of homemade art. Nothing frilly. Avoid matchy, matchy at all cost!
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  • I'm all about color - powerful, saturated color! We just moved into a new house this past year, and it's still a work in process. I painted all the walls a neutral gray, but I'm slowly adding color with artwork, pillows, rugs.

    My working style motto is don't worry about matching - if you like it, then it matches YOU.
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  • mo2l - so true! yes, i said my house 'looks' like pottery barn - but nothing is actually FROM there LOL!!! love Home Goods! and for a tiny house like mine that can't take huge furniture - target is great for smaller accent pieces (i love the table i have in front of my stairs - perfect fit!)

    i will try to take a picture this weekend
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