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Vacation away from Baby and pumping

  • Hello All: This question is inspired by mamajama's question about first vacations away from Baby in the Q&A section: for those who travelled away from Babies who were still BFing, how did you store your breast milk pumped while away? Any problems with transporting it home via plane? Is this even possible or am I resigned to pumping and dumping? Baby will use 35 bags of milk while I am awayy and so I will have NO reserve left in th freezer. (Gone 1 week in May.) We've tried formula with him in the past, and he's not-so-politely refused.
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  • Ohhh ... Baby will be 9 mos
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  • My babies were good about eating whatever was in the bottle, so I'm not sure if it's a case of they'll-eat-whatever or babies-will-eat-if-they're-hungry...

    In terms of bringing pumped milk back with you, some airlines will allow you to ship it in your checked baggage, or you might want to consider shipping it via fedex or UPS, packed in dried ice (some hardware stores sell it). You could try contacting your airline to see if they have any particular rules or regulations about it...
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  • Thanks, Lylah. I check out both options. I'm guessing Fedex or UPS, since our trip is to Hawaii and that would be a long flight to keep chilled milk. I suspect your right about babies-will-eat-if-they're-hungry.
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  • You are probably best to ship it if you can.

    I have successfully checked bags with pumped milk and they've made it through, but you are at the whim of the TSA, not the airline. I have a co-worker whose BM was confiscated by the TSA in her checked bags. Ridiculous, but what can you do?

    Have you thought of mixing formula with milk to stretch your stored supply?
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