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  • March is going out like a I thought we could all check in, post our three goals from the last quarter and give a quick update. Help a sister out, I need to see some motivation out there -- today I thought, what in the world was my February goal, wait, is it March??!?!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 19th March 2008
  • I'll start (in reverse order):

    (MAR) Drink a glass of water every morning.

    Progress: I just made this one today (oops, a bit tardy)

    (FEB) Spend thirty minutes immediately after DD goes to bed working on my dissertation revisions

    Progress: Finished!! Dissertation is officially forever finished!!

    (JAN) Plan a healthy balanced meal for Monday's dinner very week.

    Progress: Did well until this week when DH went out of town. I do have a nice expensive package of organic spring greens rotting in my fridge though, does that count?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by relaxnsmile on 19th March 2008
  • haha! thaks for the reminder! i dont even remember what my goals were... probably something about running and eating right. i at least bought running SHOES and work out clothes, does that count? and i actually cooked the fresh cleaned/cut/organic greenbeans and ATE THEM instead of just storing them in my fridge until they rotted and thrown them away

    yay! success!

    btw, SUCH a cute picture!
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  • Oh Lord, do I need help. I need inspiration!!! I was doing so well, until my body was knocked off course from predinsone, gained 25 pounds, so bummed I am not exercising...and have so much physical therapy that I should be doing. The stress here is real. In order to heal and get well again, I must get this in gear. The overarching global health problems have me stuck in a rut from one week to the next.....YIKES!
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  • that prednisone is nasty!! i had 2 weeks of it, and it's like the body is stuck in a stress response, even when the mind doesn't feel it..

    my goal for april is to connect with more retailers about my product!
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