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Why Didn't Obama Tell His Pastor He Didn't Approve of His Rants Before He Ran for President?

  • I'm not an Obama supporter but I do feel that he shouldn't be penalized for his pastor’s actions and unpleasant speeches. I think that the media makes everything out for the worst to make it difficult for everyone especially the candidates. They simply did this because Obama had the pastor speak on his behalf and have him show support this being done made the media feel that Obama supported his pastor’s beliefs. Clearly when Obama spoke and cleared up that he did not support the pastor, although it took the pastor saying quite a few negative things before Obama chose to clear up the air, I believed that it should have ended there. I also would have stopped going to the church if the pastor preaches something I feel it is not correct, but this is coming from someone who dosn't go to church in the first I have too many religions in my family to decide which one I will chose to worship so I just pray to God at home.
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