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  • Any good tips on ways to promote my websit and blog?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tiffany on 20th March 2008
  • Great Mom's website that I love . . .

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    I only needed a computer with Internet access and a can-do attitude!
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  • Hi, One of the best ways to promote a blog is to get featured, become a contributing author linking to your site!

    I am an internet marketing consultant. Why don't you message me and I can see what pointers I can share.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo on 26th April 2008
  • Commenting on other blogs, writing guest posts and articles and being active in networks like this one all help promote your blogs and websites. Also, I´d suggest getting your URLs into some directories. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can definitely help you gain some links.

    Another good idea is to make sure that you are using your keywords on your website and throughout your blog. That helps get it up there in the search engines, which in turn will help with traffic.

    Good luck!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 27th April 2008
  • Patricia and Genesis gave some great pointers that I will try to use myself.

    I prefer WIM over anyday. I find WIM to be an honest to goodness support system for moms in business in all aspects of their lives.
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  • Depending on your business, you can promote it also on Facebook with a fan page (free) and there is a way to have your blog show up on your facebook page as a "note" where you can tag people in it. I find that is a fabulous way to promote my events.
    Also, find other blogs or websites (or companies) that are similar genre to you (so for example, if it's a mom blog, find other moms that also blog) and get them to friend you or network with you. I've been doing this now for 4 years with music and other Renaissance type sites, and so far, it's working.
    Good luck!
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