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April Goals!

  • April is just around the corner (I cannot wait for warmer weather!!!) -- so it's time to post your very small and realistic goal that you're going to try and achieve.

    I completely and utterly failed with my March one -- to get my email use under control -- but I'm going to switch gears and try a different goal for April:

    I am going to try and read a bit from a book at least every other day. I know this sounds pathetic, but I've completely failed to make time to read and I'm going to slowly try to do it in April.

    What about you?
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  • we are moving May 1st, so my Very Small but Realistic (?) Goal is to get rid of some stuff so there isn't as much to move. i'm basically a clutteraholic, so if i achieve this goal, it actually won't be that SMALL of a thing!
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  • Hi Everyone

    This is my first post... I have a 2 year old and a newborn... both boys along with a 9 year old stepson that we have every other week end. My "small goal" for April is to go through ALL of the papers I have in my office (which is being converted into the boys' room). I need to focus, and do some work daily, so that I can steadily get through it with out being overwhelmed. Sigh... let's see how I do! I look forward to reading everyone else's ideas of what they'd like to accomplish this coming month.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Starbaby on 29th March 2008
  • think i'll try and join this group - got some positive energy. i'm going to try and read too. i discovered that when i do read while playing with my kids.. that the older one (4yrs) get a book and looks at the pictures instead of watching tv... so let's see if i can keep this up every day for the rest of the month
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  • My April goal is to dust off my yoga mat and practice at least once a week.
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