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Do you personalize your workspace?

  • Do you put up pictures, plants, other personal items or keep your workspace pretty generic?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 30th March 2008
  • haha great question! i have one thing of pictures on a magnent because people were accusing me of not actually having a child... (how can you have one if you dont have pictures? gotta love computer engineers!) so i have that and then goofy stuff that has randomly appeared and now resides in my work area:

    Get Fuzzy daily calendar

    Dilbert cube wall calendar (i like to know the date apparently?)



    weird metal loopy bendy toy thing

    a rock with chinese character for 'luck'

    a ping dog pencil sharpener!

    a company log mug and coozy (holds pens)

    a gient jingle bell and ribbon with tiny jingle bells hanign on my cube wall (dont ask lol)

    2 stuffed rhinos (word got out that i thought rhinos were cool...)

    a group photo of work people

    lol wow i am RANDOM!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 31st March 2008
  • I put pictures of my kids and family so I remember why I am working so hard. I also put cable in my home office...after a few years of working on my company I saved up money and got closet world to come in and build my home office in a potterybarn style...I admit I feel pretty good when I go in there and very succesful even though I might be in my sweats with a pony tail and my dog snoozing on the floor while my kids color. And I like being in there and so do my kids because I made aplace where they can work too...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sandra beck on 5th April 2008
  • I have my requisite monitor top toys. And photos of my husband and daughter. And I put up pictures of porches from a wall calendar. I save my favorites every year and plaster a wall with them. It's great for when I'm really frustrated or blocked to just turn my head and look at all these peaceful scenes.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenns on 5th April 2008
  • I have a few of my favorite shots of my kids, dog, hubby, friends, and other family members. I have a couple small coffee mug bear figurines. My wall calendar of course reflects me and I usually have my music playing low to boost my mood and keep me going. I function best in simple, clutter free surroundings so I can't take much more no matter how cute the toys and gadget are. My co-worker and I have a tall & deep window between our cubes (which also happens to be the end of the hallway) that overlooks the factory. We decorate it each month with a new theme just for fun.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dawn White on 8th April 2008
  • I have pictures that I change out monthly of my 12 month old. His daycare dresses the kids up in costumes that relate to whatever season or holiday it is that month (pilgram in Nov., cupid in Feb., etc). My coworkers get a kick out of seeing what he's dressed like this month and how big he's gotten.

    I also have a Willow Tree sculpture of a mama and baby boy that my husband gave me for my first Mother's Day.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by peytonjacksmama on 10th April 2008
  • I work in a laboratory, no plants allowed. I do however, decorate my office with my own photography work. From plants to daughter to dogs... love it!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mommy2-1 on 5th April 2012
  • I have used all the Feng shui techniques for my home office, it not only made my office look good but at the same time it brings lot of positivity to my workplace. I would suggest all the Work at home people to try out this technique and you will feel the difference.
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