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Team sports: do women prefer to go solo for exercise?

  • Do you play team sports? Or was the last time you joined a team back in high school basketball? Are women--especially moms--less likely to play team sports as part of their exercise regimens? What about you? Do you prefer to go solo--on the treadmill, jogging, swimming etc? Or do you engage in team sports? Do you think adult women are less likely than men to join sports teams--like soccer, football etc? Is it that women prefer to "work alone"? Or are we too busy to join teams? Or maybe team sports are often contact sports and that turns women off? What do YOU think?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 7th April 2008
  • I know that in my area the sports are limited and the schedule even more so. I played college basketball and then some beyond but there aren't any teams out here. I miss it terribly and, while I loved games, the practice was where it was at for me. I do know another mom who lives in Cambridge and she's very active in various team sports but those are too far for me and not sports I'm interested in.
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  • i think i would love a team sport! But there arent any around that i know of plus it's a huge time commitment when i already work outside the home full time (and then some!). plus it's intimidating because the few that are around seem to be filled with women that have been in sports their whole lives. i was never um 'encouraged' to be in sports and never really participated in school (other than gym, and took tennis lessons once!). So it's pretty darn scary to turn around and join some team when everyone else knows the rules!
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