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Grocery Prices are going up...

  • Hey ladies, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the price of a gallon of milk, fresh produce, and everything else at the grocery store. For those of us who are still trying to pinch a penny, what are you doing to offset the cost (if anything)? I'm just paying more...I don't really know what else to do. Are you noticing the squeeze yet?
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  • The past few weeks I've been making my own price book so I definitely have noticed prices going up. In general I have no idea how much things cost, I just buy what's on the list. My plan with the price book is to see where the best deals are and start really coordinating my shopping. And I've asked my husband to let me do all his shopping this month so I can get some visibility on what he's buying. He usually buys his own lunch and desk food. And we usually just buy toiletries and paper goods when we need them vs when there's a good deal. So hopefully we can start stockpiling some of the basics and know where and when to buy.

    I've been making more things from scratch as well. Bread and chocolate syrup are regulars now. I've tried yogurt once. Muffins and pancakes for breakfast instead of cereal. The downside is that we tend to eat more of the homemade because it's so much better than store bought.

    And finally, I'm trying to maximize leftovers. I've set up a few containers in my freezer: 1 for bits of veg and mains for soup/hotdish, 1 for juice for gelatin and 1 for fruits for dessert. Whenever one gets full I'm going to make something out of the contents. I also make popsicles out of whatever is handy instead of buying them. I'm on the lookout for another set of molds before summer really sets in.
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  • Milk and fruit are killers at our house.

    It's right about $4 a gallon, and we go through a gallon a day. I don't see any way around it, so I don't think about it. There is a grocery store that gives a free gallon for every 9 that you buy, so I usually get our milk there.

    However, every time the girls eat an orange, I find myself thinking. "That's 50 cents!!"

    They ate $6 in oranges alone in 3 days!!!!

    Jenns-great idea about the price book. I have a freakish memory thing for numbers, and I can usually remember what was how much and where, but that would be much easier.

    The grocery store that gives the free milk has the cheapest fruit, but it's usually not the best quality, so I don't often buy there.

    There are a lot of local orchards, and we have apples coming out of our ears during harvest time, but it's harder the rest of the year.

    I also tried bringing my tomato plant inside and having it year round, but it absolutely refused.

    We did grow green peppers last year, but they were pretty small, and M (who likes to eat them as though they were apples) said, "Oh look, baby peppers!"
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  • Jenns, I really should do a price book too. I think that I'll be able to remember everything, but then it gets all jumbled after a week or two.

    Niki D, my goodness. A gallon a day, that's a LOT. That grocery store is an awesome find!

    We have a membership at Costco, and I've been doing some price comparisons. We're getting pretty good deals. I try and buy one thing of fruit and two packages of fresh vegetables a week. I go for whatever is cheapest...but still looks good. We got a 6lb bag of tangerines for 3.50 yesterday, and red bell peppers were 5.99 for six...they are 2.50 each at walmart right now. Happy bargain hunting to all!
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  • Mamajama, a price book is really eye opening. I'm glad I'm finally doing it.

    You know, the growing season hasn't really started yet, so you may do better price wise if you buy frozen vegetables. Nutritionally, it's better than what's in the produce section because it's frozen right away. Those peppers may have been a week old by the time they reached Costco. I know Kroger runs regular sales where their frozen veggies are a buck a bag.

    Niki D, 12 oranges in 3 days, that's fabulous! I wish we ate that much fruit voluntarily. Right now I'll gladly pay the cut fruit cost for melon and cantaloupe because Pidge loves the stuff. Hubs will usually eat it. I can't stand it, not even the smell, so I'll gladly pay for someone else to cut it up for me. Maybe I need to start keeping our fruit in a bowl on the dining room table instead of hidden away in the kitchen.
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  • Ok, guys, sorry, really stupid question -- what's a price book?
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  • We have found an Audi's store close by that has milk for $2.79 a gallon every day and bread is $0.69 a loaf. Sometimes they have a sale on bread for 10-25 cents a loaf! For generic things like milk, bread, and eggs, I don't mind buying the cheapest I can find. I get several other items there too, like $0.89 boxes of Philsbury cake mix! The same thing (EXACT SAME) was $1.40 a box at Giant Eagle. If you guys have an Audi's by your house, you may want to check it out. I'm not sure if prices vary from store to store, but it saves us a ton. We also go through a gallon of milk every day - day and a half.
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  • What's a price book? Not a stupid question at all. I'd never heard of one either until I started reading a few money saving blogs.

    Basically, it's a book of prices of the things you buy the most. Mine has columns for date, store, item, units (usually oz), full price, and price per unit. I put a (S) in the item column for a sale price. I'm tracking all the food we buy regularly plus toiletries and paper goods. I've also got a page for meat protein so I can see what is the cheapest of all the meats I buy. Then I can focus more meals there with the others as a treat.

    The Get Rich Slowly blog has a good description with links to other resources and some good comments.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.
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  • Bitten has a great discussion going on how to use leftovers.
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  • Jenns, I never thought about that aspect of frozen vegetables before. They're definitely more convenient since they don't rot in your fridge right away.

    Marcia, I always forget about Aldi. I'm going to have to check them out more often.
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