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YOUR work comes last?

  • Frustration...That's definitely not the way that I like to start the day, but that's the word that describes this morning the best. My husband works full time outside the home, and I'm here during the day. We have a nifty schedule worked out where he gets up at 5:00 and walks our dog, and then gets ready for work. He's usually ready between 5:30 and 6:00 so that I can get up and start work, and if babyjama wakes up, he can take care of her. I normally get 1.5-2 hours in before he leaves, and then babyjama usually goes down for a morning nap and sleep until 9 or 10. It's great.

    This morning, my husband didn't hear the alarm (or something) and didn't wake up until I woke up on my own and got him up. Fridays my work time gets cut short anyway because he goes to breakfast with his co-workers. He's a very hard worker and rarely gets to go do fun things on his own, so I didn't want him to miss his breakfast. But by the time he had left I had only gotten to work for 15-20 minutes. I love being able to work at home, but sometimes it's frustrating that it's the first thing that gets pushed back. How do you deal with this at your house? Do you feel like you continually have to cater to everyone else's schedule? How much of the catering is a good thing (nice and flexible) and when does it become a pain?
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  • I'm afraid that until I pay off my start up costs and expenses, my "career" at home will be considered nothing by a fanciful hobby by my hubby. So, yes, my work at home job is definitely scheduled around everyone else's work and school schedules.
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  • To a certain extent that happens here. I´m the main breadwinner, though, so my hubby realizes that he needs to step up most of the time. But when his band leader calls him and says there´s a gig in an hour, he runs, which I hate. It always seems to happen when I have major deadlines, too. He´ll think there is no work for a week, so I take on several bigger jobs and boom! He has gigs every night! :S I understand your frustration.
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  • i have yet to see my husband be the one who stays up late to meet a deadline or misses an opportunity. He knows my work is important, he supports me, and he is always willing to take a sick day when he can to be with an ill child... but he doesn't GET IT a lot of the time when I ask if I can run to the gym or get some work done or the store or the SHOWER at 7PM while he is trying to wrap up a spreadsheet. He's like "I'm WORKING", and I'm like, yeah, no lie. I will be working at 2AM AND getting up at the same time as you.
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