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  • Now that is getting nice out. What do you do for fun. I spent the day yesterday working in the flower beds. I took the dog for a nice walk. We all took a ride up to Kutztown and walked around the farmers market.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by crazymomof04 on 13th April 2008
  • We love to work in our garden, we were so anxious to get started that we set up a mini greenhouse in our kitchen.

    Now that M can ride her bike without training wheels we go for a lot of bike rides.

    Of course crazy IL spring, last weekend was high sixties, and yesterday we had snow showers!!

    I took the dog for a walk after it quit snowing, and the sky seemed semi-clear, and we were 1/2 mile from home and it started to sleet. Needless to say it wasn't our longest walk.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Niki D on 13th April 2008
  • lol, while all of you up there are enjoying the advent of spring, here in Guatemala, the rainy season has hit. Gone are our days of sunshine. We do get some in the morning, but it´s a torrential downpour in the afternoons and at night. Enjoy your sun!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 13th April 2008
  • I'd like to work in the garden, but it's still too wet. We've had rain, rain, rain and yesterday even snow! I have my seeds, so when the weather cooperates, I'm ready.
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  • It's going to be in the 70's today and I'm going to garden my little heart out. Do some weeding, plant some pansies, set out some tomatoes and enjoy the heck out of it.
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  • We had 2 near freezing nights. This meant having to cover tender plants. The weather is back up on the warming trend and hope to plant in the garden this weekend.
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  • Pull dandelions, apparently, because that's all I do these days when I'm outside. Can't stand the buggers and we've got lots. Every time Pidge goes outside I grab the bucket and digger and get to work. All the other weeds I tolerate but the dandelions must go. Once I've got them under control I'll start working in the garden and putting together planters. But first I need 2 warm, clear days in a row so I can stain the deck one day and let it dry the next.
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