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Costco vs Sam's

  • Do you shop at Costco or Sam's Club? They just opened a Costco in my town and I might go check it out. They already have a Sam's, but I"m the only person in the US who hasn't been in one... Pros and cons? Which do you prefer? Why? Do you really save money?
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  • I shop at Sam's from time to time. I don't go that much for my family because I don't really care to buy huge packages of items and have to store most of it. I do buy quite a bit from there for concession stand sales for my daughter's track club (candy, chips, sodas, etc). Buying for that purpose works great but I haven't found it that useful or cost effective for my family.

    One of my friends shops at Costco regularly and loves it. From what I've seen of both stores, they are pretty much the same.
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  • COSTCO! COSTCO! COSTCO! and I have stock in Walmart (sams!) -

    THey have so many good bargains ---

    Especially during coupon time - Plus we get a 2 percent kickback of everything we've spent throughout the year in december - DOES SAMS HAVE THAT? No.

    The gas prices at costco are just right for our wallets and the rotisseri chicken is fresh and hot every time -

    A 2 pound bag of green bananas for 1dollar at SAMS? No.

    It's just a great way to go - Costco also has options for car percentage rates and preapproval options --- can't beat that!
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  • We have both in the area, but Sam's is closer. By default, I go there, BUT I'd MUCH rather go to Costco. I've found similiar but different between the 2. The prices are just about the same, but it really depends on what you want. For example, I like to get the #10 can of mushrooms. I can only get it at Sams. Costco has a MUCH bigger variety of books and DVDs and music. And this is my personal opinion only and observation, Sams selection in the books area is limited and sometimes too preachy. But that's just my outlook. Costco has a LOT more variety.

    I also like Costco's gourmet products as well. You definitely DON"T find that at Sams.

    And something I've found too, and this pertains to both of them. It really does matter WHERE they're located as to the kind of merchandise they stock. They definitely cater to the "quality" of customer they serve.
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  • Well considering that Sam's is part of WalMart (i.e. the DEVIL) Costco is definitely classier and has better pricing. The CEO of Costco is a WONDERFUL man and all Costco employees are giving more than a fair, living wage. Can't say that for people working at WalMart/Sam's Club.
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  • Thank you for this discussion. I swear every week my friends and I have the debate of which one to join. They are both about a 45min drive in opposite directions. I have been leaning to Costco and I think I will now. - Thanks!
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  • Costco all the way, for me! I was just there today, in fact.

    What I like about it (aside from the fact that it's not linked to WalMart), is the range of choices, the quality of meats, the ability to buy ingredients and not just pre-packaged products, and the gourmet foods (great for gift baskets during the holidays). The Kirkland brand (their store brand) is really good, too, and it's not just for food items. I found out something interesting about Kirkland and Costco recently... apparently, if you go there and see only one big-name brand of something (say, Huggies diapers) and only other option is the Kirkland brand, almost always the Kirkland brand is made by that big-name brand. The quality is as good or higher, too...

    I do the "Executive membership," too, which is the one where you get a 2 percent kickback of whatever you spent that year. For us, it pays the membership fee. I love that.

    I have a big family, so buying in bulk makes my money go much, much farther...
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  • Like Amy, I have had this debate with lots of friends. Costco seems to be be the "chic-er" alternative to Sam's (kind of like Target versus WalMart). We go to Sam's because it is closer (important in this time of high gas prices). We go for paper products, milk, meat and used to go for diapers. We don't ever get the produce - family of three can't eat that much before it is bad. I think selection does depend on the specific location - our Sam's has an excellent book/DVD selection. We have gotten all the Disney releases when they come out and they have a fair selection of smut books along with everything else (not that I read them, but just to compare with what JDaffron has found at her local Sam's). I think you would have to go in, use a free temporary membership, to see what they have.
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  • Costco hands down. They treat their workforce with respect, decent pay and benefits. There can be no discussion for me. We don't get alot as a family of four with two little kids but we use it for gas all the time.
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