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Baby clothes?

  • I'll admit it. I wanted to have a baby girl for the clothes. I absolutely love clothes shopping for her. However, as the months have passed I've gotten much more practical in what I buy for her. As cute as the frilly little dresses are on the hanger, they can be a pain to launder, keep clean, and such. Also, I definitely like certain brands better than others. I love Old Navy in general, but the baby stuff all runs really small (IMO), so it's hard to pick stuff out. I absolutely love the Carter's easy dressing stuff. It's cute, and all the seperates match...all the purples go together, all the greens, etc. What are your likes and dislikes when it comes to baby clothes?
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  • My favorite is Gymboree... everything coordinates and its easy care. Plus with 3 little girls, whatever I buy for the oldest is being worn by the youngest and Gymboree stuff holds up great. That said, it is pricey and with 5 kids I don't buy like I used too! Naartje also has cute clothes that stand up to multiple children, and is less expensive than Gymboree. I stay away from the frilly dresses except for Christmas and Easter... I do not like to iron and I am not going to dry clean my kids clothes. Hanna Andersson has adorable cotton dresses and matching leggings... I love these because they are girly but still easy care. I don't care as much for Old Navy because of sizing issues... no two items are the same and SHRINKAGE. I used to buy the kids leggings there and by the time they were washed once or twice they are much too short! I would rather spend a little more on clothes and have it stay looking nice. What I don't save for the youngers ones I sell on eBay. Carters also holds up well and looks cute. We have an outlet close by were I can get Carters, OshKosh and Gymboree all at a fraction of retail.
  • Girls definitely won out in the cute clothes department! Re Old Navy, I suspect the kids clothing is like the adult clothing in that so many pieces are cut at one time there is a huge variation within a size. I bought a size 7 dress for my daughter who wears a 6. The dress is almost too small! It definitely won't last the season. Glad I only paid a couple bucks for it at a consignment sale.

    Love Hanna Andersson play dresses! Pidge has enough dresses for the season already but I'm trying to squeeze one into this Summer's budget. I figure if I get a short-sleeved one we can wear it year-round for a couple years and really get our money's worth. Plus I've got 2 nieces to hand it down to.

    Gymboree stuff is great and I buy it when I can find it. I also like Land's End. Their summer sandals are always very rugged. Macy's brand stuff seems to be pretty good. Target stuff is fairly good. Osh-Kosh. The Children's Place is also fairly good, although their knits fade quickly. I pretty much buy used clothing so I pay attention to condition and price more than brand.

    I don't buy coordinates or outfits. I'll try and stick to the colors I know Pidge will wear: pink, purple and green. Sometimes orange or white. And then it's up to her to put together outfits. Yes, there are some interesting combinations. No one doubts that she dresses herself! But she looks so cute!
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  • I love Hanna Andersson -- my 3-year-old practically lives in the playdresses and leggings. They're expensive, but they hold up well, and if you manage to get the size you need at their annual sale, you can get a pretty good deal.

    Believe it or not, I get a lot of her t-shirts (long and short sleeve) and shorts at Target. They cost $3 to $5 each, so as long as they last the season I'm happy -- though I've been really, really surprised to find that many of the items have lasted much, much longer.
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  • My oldest lives in her Hanna Andersson, too. I bought a big lot on ebay a year ago and was dancing my happy jig for weeks. She feels like a princess, I secretly think she's a princess, it all works out great.

    I used to love Old Navy but if it's more than $5 then it's not worth it b/c it will unravel/shrink/pill. I won't be doing that again.

    And I shall never underestimate the power of the SIL who buys gorgeous clothing and hands them down with tags intact. Janie and Jack is a big part of the girl's wardrobe and I've never bought a piece. That brand holds up very well. Even through chocolate milk. It's pricey but if you'll be sharing it for years then it's worth it.
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  • I haven't even heard of Hanna Andersson, but will need to check her clothes out after the rave reviews. I forgot about Gymboree. Their stuff is great!!! And it holds up so well. Yes pricey, but that's why we got there when the Grandparents want to take us shopping ;).
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  • well, I don´t have girls, just two boys. When I was pregnant the second time, everyone kept saying "Oh, you should have a girl, they have such cute clothes!" Fortunately, I got the two boys I wanted!

    We buy almost all our clothes second hand. I love Carter´s, but my boys are almost too big for that stuff now. OshKosh makes some very cute stuff for little boys. We also buy Tommy Hilfiger, French Toast and other stuff like that which is made in Guatemala. When they make a mistake and catch it here in the factory, it is sold locally for about $1.25, so we pick those up, too. They usually have pretty simple mistakes.
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  • Hanna Andersson now has an organics line as well. Yay! This stuff REALLY holds up well... so if you can get it second hand (eBay is usually a good place to find it) then you can get great deals. Also, check for an outlet near you... we have one and its a life saver!
  • Things I loved at hanna andersson: the day dresses, wiggle pants (plenty of room for the diaper), sun hats, romper/pjs and the little slipper socks with leather bottoms (great for pre/early walkers). Oh, and the infant jackets with the hood and a little animal sewn on the front are too sweet! They have different designs every year.
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  • I love The Children's Place. We have an outlet store :-D I can get $20 shoes for $5. I practically refuse to spend more than $10 on any single item. We also have the Carter's and Oshkosh outlets here. I like the Carter's one alright, but I'm just not a fan of Oshkosh. Even in the outlet store, the majority of their items are $15+ and I don't find it reasonable when The Children's Place has $1.99 and $2.99 racks and their clothing wears wonderfully! I do enough web surfing that I usually end up getting great gift cards that allow me to not feel guilty about paying $20 for a 2T skirt or $40 for a dress. When it's free, I don't look at price tags. For the 0-18 month crowd (and even slightly bigger) you all need to go visit our very own WIM's Linda's store Crazy 4 Color. Her clothes are just adorable!
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