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Gas Demand Down

  • With the rise in gas prices, demand for gas is dropping for the year. I just read this article from the NY Times. siness/22oil.html?hp

    This got me thinking. I know we aren't driving any less than normal (we basically only drive when we have to anyway). Is your family conserving gas in some way? If so, how?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 23rd April 2008
  • Well, I've been wondering about this a lot when I'm out driving - what other people are doing and if they are changing their habits. Yes, this has affected how I drive. For example, we have not driven out to the beach for a very long time as that is a two-hour drive. I also try to combine errands and shop at stores closer to the house, whereas in the past I didn't give it much thought. Maybe more than anything else it just gives me something to worry about, without really forcing any lifestyle changes, you know?!
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