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Hi! New from Massachusetts

  • Another sort-of-Boston-area working mom checking in! I'm mom to an 8 y-o boy. We actually live south of Boston. Hubby takes commuter train to his job in Boston and I work FT in RI. Gotta love this spring we're FINALLY having! I went out jogging at lunchtime around the big parking lot of a large bank up the street from my office. (Why there? Because it's about the only place around that's flat, and safe to run.) Welcome to the board. - Paula.
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  • Hi, Michele. I hope you get a chance to join us for our next Boston Mom meet-up. Whenever we end up having one! I think you'll find that you're glad to have stumbled upon this group.
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  • Hi tkdmama I live 10 minutes outside of Boston I am a stay at home mom and wife. Been married for almost 12 yrs. and we have a 6 1/2yr. old boy named TJ. I spent almost my entire life in RI in various towns within RI. If you ever want to talk and connect just message me. Take care.
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