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Disagreeing with the Doc

  • I've been hearing a lot of people talking about not liking their doctors lately. Here are a couple of examples. #1 A friend of mine took her son to the doctor, and he was underweight. He was under the age of 6 months, and was only receiving breastmilk. The Dr. recommended that she aggressively push solids immediately. She switched doctors, and found one that was more supportive of breastfeeding.

    #2 A very chatty cashier told me last night that her Dr. had asked her not to spank her baby in the office, because it was against the rules. She switched doctors too.

    Obviously it is our right to seek care that is most beneficial to our child. Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to find someone who agrees with us. I've always been a huge proponent of parents' rights and all that goes along with it, but when does a good thing turn into a bad thing?
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  • I often disagree with my Doctors, that said, I am VERY upfront about our practices. I have found a Doctor who knows I don't do antibiotics unless ABSOLUTELY necessary (4 days minimum of no improvement with an infection or a serious infection), who knows that even my 5 year old swallows pill form medicine because I don't want dyes and flavors in their medicine, that knows my kids eat all natural and I won't deviate from that to give them Pediasure or other supplements. I believe that a Mother knows her child best and if a Doctor won't explore options, then its probably time to seek a new one. I don't believe it is okay for anyone to tell you that you cannot spank your child... assuming you are not abusing them. For me, simply not spanking while at the clinic, if I agreed with everything else would probably not be a reason for me to switch. In regards to breastfeeding and wanting to push solids with a young baby, I would either switch Doctors or I would listen politely to their advice and do what I felt was best. My kids have all been "underweight", under the 10 percentile for their ages... I breastfed and my Doctors NEVER suggested otherwise until one of them hit a failure to thrive period around 9 months. We later discovered this was do to a gluten intolerance and occurred when she started getting solid foods.

    When does taking charge of your child's medical become a bad thing? I think if you are constantly bouncing from Doctor to Doctor, that becomes a problem. Switching once because of a major issue is not a bad thing. I highly recommend interviewing Doctors before baby arrives... that way you have a good feel for the way they do things.
  • I've always been a researcher so I ended up getting some type of skin rash at one point when I was in high school. Probably something from another kid there or whatever. So I researched it and had narrowed it down to one thing that I could find that looked exactly like what it was and the same effects it had. I went to the doctor and after about 20 minutes he said he didn't know what it was! So I suggested this name that I researched and he disappeared for a couple minutes. Came back with a prescription for a cream and said I was right and hurried me to the check-out desk. I was pretty upset about it. I never went back and got a new doctor after we moved for my job.

    I challenge things and try to keep myself informed. I don't believe everything they tell me to do. Our ped. still recommends my daughter sleep on her back all night. She's 19 months old. She positions herself however she's comfortable. I just politely ignore it. My only problem with her really is that she only spends 5 minutes tops with us at any given visit. Sick or well, she sends a nurse in before and then after. For as much as she gets out of my visit for 5 minutes of her time, it's ridiculous.
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  • I´ve dropped a couple of doctors because they didn´t listen to me at all. My son was born with an imperforated anus and all the majority of the pediatricians could see was his colostomy and they blamed everything on that, no matter what the symptoms! I finally ended up taking him to my doctor and he listens to me, says that it´s not his job to deal with my son´s birth defect (he also has a specialist) and treats the common childhood complaints that Dorian has, like a normal kid, which he is.

    I think it is very important to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with and who spends the time needed with your child. My family doctor is very good about explaining things and prefers to go with natural methods when possible, but understands that it´s very hard to see your child suffering, so he will give you something for immediate relief often (samples) and then tell you how to continue treating it with natural means.
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  • I was very fortunate in finding not only my own doctor but also the doctor for my daughter. He was always willing to listen, always making sure any of our questions and concerns were answered, and gave his opinion, but also listened to ours. Unfortunately, that doctor has moved back home, so had to start searching for someone new, and trying to find someone that was even close to our previous doctor proved to be a chore. I interviewed quite a few of them until I found the right person. I also asked friends and family members who I knew shared the same views and opinions who they recommended. It all boiled down to who made me feel the most comfortable, how they interacted with my daughter, and were they thorough. I think for someone who is looking to change doctors, may want to take the extra time asking questions before jumping doctor to doctor. It would probably save a lot of time and headache in the long run.
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  • My childrens' previous doctor swore my infant son could not have strep throat. My baby was at a well visit with this doctor, with green snot and other problems, checked and sent home with clean bill of health! He threw up before we even got home.

    The doctors blew that off too. The next day on line-I discovered a forum of moms that had babies in the hospital because the doctor insisted the infant couldn't have strep. It's a simple test for goodness sakes!!!!!!! I went in that night to the after hours clinic. My infant son had strep! He could have been one of those babies sent to the hospital with permanant heart damage. Later, I went back to this doctor (by the way, he happens to be the head of pediatrics at a large hospital in our area). I told him the results of the test and that I was extremely upset and disappointed. Guess what, the doctor STILL refused to believe my son had strep.

    Needless to say, my children no longer go there.
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