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Using Cloth Diapers when baby in childcare?

  • I've managed to keep my baby boy at home with me while I work for 8 months now (it has been a TRICK sometimes) and he starts daycare in mid june. I currently use cloth diapers (and write about the experience here and I am wanting to keep it up while he is at daycare.

    Has anyone had experience with a daycare that uses cloth diapers as a rule?

    Has anyone had experience convincing their daycare to use them on their baby (and just throw them in a plastic bag for you to wash/deal with)?

    Even if I just use them at home, I think it is still worth trying to keep it up. Any feedback? Words of wisdom?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Dana on 2nd May 2008
  • I think cloth diapers are wonderful. I started using them when my son was 6 months old and wish I had taken the leap sooner. When I looked into childcare options, all the daycare centers in my area said they would require I send him in disposable pull-ups.

    But, I agree that even if you just use them at home it is worth it - both for eco reasons and your pocketbook. Plus, I found that my son had fewer rashes with cloth than disposables.
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  • Agree - Teacozie. Even if you use them on the weekends and home time it's still better than not at all. My kiddo has been in cloth diapers since she was 6mo. My daughter is not in daycare, as such, but she does go to a "mom's morning out" program once a week. I just take her in disposables because I can just imagine the volunteer moms would probably be horrified if I asked them to deal with something like cloth. Oh well. I guess I didn't want them to think I was being a pain, with special requests. I would love to know if anyone has found a daycare place that accepts cloth.
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  • Some daycares will use cloth... it doesn't hurt to be upfront and ask...make that a consideration while you are searching for the right provider. You can also consider the gDiaper ( for daycare... its a very enviro-friendly choice and then keep using the cloth at home if you can't find a sitter who is willing to do cloth. They can't argue with gDiapers. When we were looking for daycare, we did find some that would do cloth... normally these are in home care vs. centers. I have also found sitters who do organic foods, no TV and lots of crafts, nature walks and baby-wearing... they don't even have saucers and playpens in their home. I think that what you need is probably out there... you just have to look. Craiglist daycare listings can be a big help to find a non-traditional sitter. Good Luck!

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