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Do you like your job?

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  • I should be able to answer this question with a loud YES!!, but I just can't. I am very lucky to have found a company nearby that would allow me to work only during school hours after leaving my last job with a giant corporation that was just awful. I *should* be grateful, and sometimes I am. I can do my job in my sleep and enjoy it most of the time. However, I took a 50% pay cut and lost all benefits (no PTO, no insurance, nothing), and I was quickly thrown into a management position I was not hired for when another employee left. No pay increase, no bonus. I'm on call pretty much 24/7 and threatened with suspension whenever I have to leave work to handle something at my son's school (I'm a single parent and he is special needs). So I am not happy with my job, but at least I can be home when my son isn't in school.

    More and more, employers are taking advantage of talented staff because the market is still so rough. Unfortunately, my employer is no exception. Boo.
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