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why do you decide to work outside the home?

  • Hey Gals! I was wondering why some decide to work outside the home rather then from home? I use to work outside the home and with 2 little ones I decided to work from home and I'm so happy I made the decision!
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  • Because I have yet to find a decent work from home option. I make almost $40,000 a year doing retail (no sales, no cold calling, etc) and I can't find anything to even come close to that in a work from home option. I don't really have the option of a "make up to...." kind of deal because I am the main income earner for my household, we depend on my steady income. I like having a roof over my head
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  • Amen DiannC. I make just a smidge less than you and there is no out-of-home business that I've found that can without-a-doubt give me that much steady income. I'm also the primary income we get in our household. My SO makes significantly less than I do so it's just not an option for me. I don't resent him for it, it's just the way it is right now. We just couldn't survive on a smaller pay from my end. I'd LOVE to work at home or just be a SAHM. We just don't want to rely on something so unpredictable. Here, I get raises yearly and bonuses yearly. There's just no way I could get that plus the other benefits (medical, paid sick days, holidays, paid vacations, etc...) I get from working here from a work at home job. I know that spending time with my daughter is worth more than that, but struggling to pay the bills and provide for her a good life, food, clothes, and opportunities weighs a little more. I grew up pretty poor so I'm determined to give my daughter choices that I didn't have.
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  • I choose to work outside of the home because I'm the breadwinner for our family, and I haven't yet found a job where I can earn what I earn now, doing what I do now, but from home. I'm lucky in that I've been with my company for long enough to have a good measure of seniority and flexibility -- that makes it a bit easier, for now!
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  • Aside from the obvious, that it is terribly difficult to find a job at home to pay as much as an outside job, I have a couple of other reasons.

    First of all, it is truly impossible to work and watch kids at the same time. While attempting to do both, you will actually be doing each one half-assed and this isn't fair to the kids or to the job. Kids need way too much attention when they are home and if you are not giving it to them, you might as well be at an office letting someone else play with them. I think that they would benefit far more. While you are working, they are running around with little structure and little supervision.

    Secondly, I think thatt it is important for moms to get out and have their own life, It makes most women happier and fulfilled. When mom is happy, everyone is happy. I think that your children appreciate their time with you and you appreciate your time with them. I give my son 150% of my attention when i get off and we have a great time. Most of the stay at home moms that I have met look terrible, their kids are terribly rude and disobedient. They have forgotten to appreciate their time together and raising kids becomes a chore, which doesn't service anyone. My son LOVES his daycare, which is actually a private school with a fantastic staff. He gets excited every morning and laughs when his teacher comes to the door to get him. He loves the kids and is crazy social for being 8 months old. On top of that, he has learned so incredibly much from being around other babies.
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  • I've always liked to work outside the home -- I like the separation of work and family/home, the ability to be 100% focused on each when I am there. I've been working from a home office for the past year, and while my daughter is in preschool and with a sitter for the full working day, I find that miss working outside, at an actual office -- my work is always there at home and I find it makes it tougher to focus on my family 100% when I am there.
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  • I think you're really lucky to be able to work from home, but for most of us its just not an option. Especially in areas outside the urban centers, "working from home" is an alien concept for most employers. What I do I need to be in the office to do. I'm very lucky that I work for an organization that allows me to be very flexible in my schedule, but I've honestly never come across a non-programing job in my area that would allow me to work from home.

    Also, I'll second what oceans mom says above: I think that watching a toddler (my son is 22 months) and working from home are fundamentally incompatible. When I'm with him I want to be with him, totally engaged with him. I'd be shortchanging both my son and my employer if I were to try and do both at once.
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  • When my son was six months old, my husband came home and said, "you are driving me crazy, you need to meet people and start working again." I have now done this for over 10 years now. My son thrieved at day care and preschool. When he started kindergarten, he was a very well adjusted child. My friend who is a SAHM commented that she was amazed at how close I was with my son.She said that I spent more time playing with him than she had with her kids because when I got home, I was focused on him. She had critizied me for going back to work and had apologized when she saw how we were doing. I would like to work from home as my son gets older, so I can be there when the "teen" years hit. But as everyone has said, it really is hard to find that job that pays as much as I get to work at home.
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  • im in the same boat- with the job i have in the legal field, working from home is not an option, you have to be in the office. plus i enjoy my independence during the day, i feel proud of my accomplishments in my career. It all balances out very well, and as someone mentioned early, if mom is happy, everybody is happy. luckily we have a fantastic nanny who takes care of our kids- they look forward to seeing her everyday, knowing that they are in good hands and are treated just as if i were home with them makes it so much easier to be away everyday. so although i would love to be home with my children during the day- unfortunately the money is outside of the home.
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  • I absolutely LOVE my job and don't know that I could be a good mom if I left it because I'd miss it I feel I do worthwhile work and I'm able to make a difference in peoples' lives on a daily basis. My kids are both very social and well rounded and still love me so I don't think my working outside the home has had any negative effect on them...
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