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How did you get started breastfeeding?

  • Hey all, I just was wondering how you got your start as a breastfeeding mom? I had a really difficult time at first. Babyjama and I had to be separated most of the time during her first few days of life. She had low blood sugars, and had to have an IV. They ended up giving her formula, and so when she got home, she was so sleepy and full that I couldn't get her to wake up enough to nurse. Luckily I contacted La Leche League, and a leader called me to help me get started. I know lots of people have troubles in the beginning, and I was wondering how you dealt with that? Or were you one of the people who had smooth sailing all the way through? Who was your support?
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  • i pretty much was one of the smooth sailing ones... baby born, nurses did their thing, handed him back to me and he latched on perfectly from the beginning. i didnt realize how lucky i was until later!

    The hospital where i was had daily nursing classes to help you and the baby learn how to latch and feed properly though. I decided against waddling down the hall since things were going to smoothly and the nurses kept checking the latch (they didnt believe me) so i didnt have to go.

    however, it was super comfortaing to know that they had someone right there who would come in and help if you needed it!
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  • I had it easy as well, he was a born eater! I actually also moved past the interim stage and my milk came in (ouch) while we were at the hospital. My son was in the nursery so I could get some sleep when I woke up in severe pain. The nurse tried to send me back to bed b/c she didn't believe I was already engorged.

    Even though that part was easy, there were still times I needed support. I was lucky in that my SIL had her 3rd at the same time as I was having my first. So, she and I were going through many of the same issues, but she had a little more perspective on them. Other friends whose kids are a few years older had lost that detailed knowledge that I was looking for, so it was nice to have a seasoned mom going through it at the same time.
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  • I had a worst-case scenario. Sweetpea was 6 1/2 weeks early: spending 6 weeks in the NICU. I pumped and pumped and the results were disheartening to say the least. She was too weak to nurse. She sucked what milk I had through a tube, then a bottle (the amount increased when she came home). Even so, I didn't make enough milk and she needed special--read incredibly expensive--formula that had to be purchased at a hospital pharmacy. I kept trying and we were finally successful when she was almost 2 months old. I loved breastfeeding (2 years) and yes, I'd go through it again. I'd even go through the custodian opening up my classroom door without knocking while I pumped during lunch.
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  • My experience has been somewhere in the middle: not super easy but not super hard either. I freaked the first day of my son's life and talked with nurses and lactation consultants and my family (sister and mom). I still wasn't convinced that Baby was getting enough milk until the two week visit when he had not only regained, but in fact surpassed his BW. We've made it 9 months (this week) with no immediate end in mind (one day at a time ... )
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  • My experience with breastfeeding has been very positive. In the beginning, I was sore of course, but in about two weeks I was fine. I used lanolin cream and it worked out great. I've really enjoyed getting to provide my baby with the antibodies and vitamins that only I can give her. It has been a blessing. My daughter is about to turn 11 months old and we both enjoy it. As she gets older, she likes to peek from the blanket occasionally, but overall, it's great! I love bonding and getting to be so close to my baby! It's an answered prayer for sure!
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  • Thanks for sharing!
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