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Hello, I just joined...and wondering?

  • New Here, mom of 5...been working in a family practice clinic about 2 years now. Before that I ran my own in-home day care for 15 years. I have 3 kids still at home, 4th,9th and 12th grade. Does all the extra activity that surrounds the last month of school drive anyone else crazy? I feel like such a bad mom because I can't remember or keep up with all of it, but come on! I have 3 kids in three different schools and it seems like every day there is something special going on at each one. How do I do a better job keeping on top of it all without letting my career or or home suffer?
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  • Hello Mac and WELCOME!

    I only have 2 kids so I can not even comprehend 5 with 3 in three different schools. I can relate to the "juggling". I think 2 or 5 kids we as "moms" juggle career, home, kids, marriage, after school activities etc.. and not we can't expect ourselves to remember everything or say to oursleves OMG everything needs to rum smoothly all the time.

    You have a tremendously full plate and for one person to take all of that on and keep on top of it all - all the time is almost impossible. Things will slide and sometimes something will suffer. Don't beat yourself up for it.

    Is there a possibility to get a mothers helper for those school activities? Help clean house? Can you join a car pool or trade days with other moms for pick ups and drop offs?

    Wish I could be of more help but there are great moms here that will jump in. Several of the moms here have quite a few kids and they will help.

    Take Care!
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  • Thanks for th encouragement, I geuss I needed to vent! I took my youngest to Walmart this morning ( my least fav place on earth) out of guilt. The PTA decided since it is track and field day we should honor their coach with a special T shirt. Of course, I was out of town when the note went out and so my kid didnt get one. She begged me to get her a plain one we could paint so she could look like everyone else. And of course it was almost midnight when she texted me last night to tell me this. ( i was on the road) By the time I got her to school this mornig- twenty minutes late- I was seething. Thanks again, I'm better now! In the scheme of things, that tee-shirt didnt matter, she would have been fine without it. Now I get to be her hero because I'm taking her out of school to go see David Cook sing!
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  • Way to go mom! Cool! She will forget everything when she hears David Cook sing. You tried your best.

    Venting is good and this a great place to do it.
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