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When you have to critique something or someone at work, are you blunt or do you hold back?

  • We've heard about the importance of taking criticism well, but how do working moms handle having to dish it out? Are you blunt and direct about what you think? Or do you couch your critique is something soft and self-deprecating?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 9th May 2008
  • great question! i think it totally depends on the situation and the person you are critiquing. some people dont hear you unless you are blunt and lay it out there. others dont hear you if you do that because they are too defensive and you have to be softer. as much as we try to make ourselves open to criticisim and change and all that stuff, i also think it's pretty important to assume no one else is and try to tailor your style to their needs...

    if that makes sense?
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  • I try to employ the approach where you compliment/say something positive, then deliver the criticism. It's an easier way to accept it and give it, because it creates an environment for balanced discussion.

    That said, I do believe in saying what you mean and not leaving anything "implied." I used to have a boss who would couch everything she said in the most PC, polite, ambiguous terms and sometimes it delivered the message fine but most of the time it left things open for interpretation, which in the ad world is asking for trouble...
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