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A Big Clothing Purge

  • Hey all, I was wondering how often you go through your closet and decide to get rid of a bunch of stuff that you never wear. I would like to say that I do this with the change of seasons, but I probably only do it about once a year. I'm fighting the urge to go get rid of a bunch of stuff that I would LIKE to not wear again, but I'm not ready to replace half of my wardrobe at the moment. How and when do you get rid of your clothes?
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  • Oooh, yes, feels good to clean out closet clutter. Um, I probably do this once a year, just when the urge strikes. I've gotten somewhat better about getting rid of stuff I'm not going to use. I do still tend to pack up unused clothing and just store it under the bed or in the attic for a year or so (okay, okay...five years...) 'till I'm sure I don't need it. Then it goes to Goodwill. But, as I say, I'm getting better about that-realizing, hey, I'm. never. going. to. wear. this. I have sent a lot of my old work clothes to Goodwill - stuff I used to wear to my office jobs. By the time I go back to an office environment, IF that ever happens, it will be totally out of style, so someone else may as well use it!
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  • I get rid of some things at the change of seasons. I put on my psychic hat and try to decide if it will look dated next year. Hover, M has been surreptitiously hijacking my things for her yard sale to raise money for Disney World. I'm missing several pairs of my work pants.

    I usually take the things to our regional council because they have a store for people to come and get what they need at no cost. It's similar to what Goodwill does, but it's free to those who need it. When I took some things to the Salvation Army it was crazy how many bags they had in the back that they didn't even have room to unpack.
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  • I really, really ought to purge my closet but then the frugal side of me crosses the line into cheap and I think "Well, if I lose 5 pounds, I'll probably be able to wear that again" and "I know I fit into those and never wear them, but I'll probably wear them sometime soon, they're perfectly good." I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe right now, either, but the idea of purging the things I never wear makes me shakey...

    I just need to buck up and do it!
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  • I purge 2x a year when I change out clothes for the season and I also purge during the season. We always have a pile for goodwill going and I'll just throw things in. Sometimes I go back for them. I just went back for 2 pair of pants I plan to turn into shorts. Maybe I'll wear them that way since I'm low on shorts and want to save money right now. Usually things sit for at least a couple months before my husband takes them to goodwill so I've got time to mull things over. I've regretted a few things over the years but not too many. And I still have some favorites in smaller sizes that I hope to one day fit into again.
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  • Jenns, you reminded me about all my pre pregnancy schtuff that I'm hoping will someday fit the way it used to...alas, those will just have to wait, cause I'm not ready to give up on them yet.

    Diane, I'm so like that about storing stuff... I seriously forget it's there until we move or something;)
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  • Hi there. Wow, i'm a pack rat so once every few years...but am moving next month and figure now's the time to purge. My question is where do you shop for the "replacement" clothes? in stores or online? I rarely have time to shop in stores but trying on is key for me knowing if I like the look/fit... should I have started a new post?

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  • I shop online in stores where I've tried stuff on and I know how stuff fits me, sizes, etc. -- like the GAP -- I know how stuff fits there. Otherwise I have to actually go try stuff on.
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  • We try to do it about once a quarter, but that's because Purple Heart calls to let us know when there'll be a pick-up in our area, and telling them "yes," makes me commit to providing something. (We take picts of what we donate and date them before they go into the Purple Heart bag/box, so at tax time, we can itemize properly.) If it weren't for making that vested commitment, purging would be much harder.

    I've been getting better at being realistic about which things to purge and which to hang on to (or save for my sister if she wants something). There are some things I'll never part with, like my letter jacket from H.S. or my toe shoes, but that's because there really is a fundamental personal/sentimental/historical attachment to them. The only things that I've really hung on to (besides the sentimental) are my son's baby clothes and gear, in case we have another within the next couple of years. I tend to buy classic/conservative stuff, so neither the colors or styles would look outdated in a few years if there's a baby #2, and if baby #2 were a girl, at least for a couple of years, she can get away with the unisex-looking boy stuff. At least, that's my reasoning. But, if there's no baby #2 in sight in a couple of they'll go to either a really close friend/family member if it's something I really loved on him or off to resale/consignment/charitable organization. Same for my maternity clothes that I haven't already parted with. ;)
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  • Funny story, rather than purge, I just took on a bunch of new stuff. My SIL came over the other day and gave me a ton of stuff that she doesn't wear anymore. She shops at all the expensive stores that I don't even go to, so some of it is really beautiful! Maybe I actually will be able to get rid of some of that stuff that I didn't want now.
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