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How much homework is reasonable?

  • Moms with older, school-age children, please weigh in... How much homework do you think is resonable for a 9 year old?

    How about for a kid in middle school?

    What about in high school?

    In general, I mean -- each kid and each school and each subject is different, of course... but is two hours resonable? An hour? More? Less?
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  • Okay, can I chime in even though I don't have school-age children? I think it should be less than an hour and none over the weekends. Piling on the homework when I was in school just made me hate the work, the school and the teachers. Shouldn't kids be able to relax or pursue other interests after school? Would love to know what other moms think about this issue.
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  • My 9 year old is a GATE student and generally has about an hour's worth of homework per night. I wish it could be less, but my DH is a teacher and he explains that with the increasingly competitive world, our teachers must cram more and more work into their already short days.

    My Kindergardener has about an hour of homework per week. I don't EVER remember having homework in Kindy!!!!

    I would like to see the school day extended a bit to accomodate for the increased learning needs. I think mine may be an unpopular opinion, but seriously, I'd rather have my kids in school for an extra hour (I'm at work anyway) and have them learning a little more or working on special projects then having to spend "family" time working on school work.
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  • Karla - i totally agree! my little one isnt in school yet (just daycare, no homework there yet thank goodness!) but i am not looking forward to homework! i also think year-round school would help with this since you dont lose so much over the summer...
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  • Lylah - to actually answer your question

    i think 1-2 hours is pretty typical for highschool on average. i think some of the time it takes depends on the kids. i used to get mine done as soon as i got home so i could get it out of the way! my sister would dwaddle around and often not finish because she just didnt like it or the control that someone else had for 'making' her do it! lol
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  • (I'm a workitmom newbie, so I'm catching up on some of the discussions.)

    I'm a former teacher -- We were taught that the standard should be grade level X 10 minutes. So 10 minutes for first graders, 60 minutes for 6th graders and so on.

    What I observed with my own kids, who have made it all the way through 12th grade now, is that those standards pretty much were on target till they got to high school. Then it varied based on what they were taking.

    If your child's homework is taking longer than that, it might be worth looking into why. Is the volume excessive? Is he/she struggling with understanding what to do or how to do it? Does it just look like busy work? All of these questions are important!
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  • I just found this information at

    Experts agree that the amount of homework should depend on the age and skills of the student. Many national groups of teachers and parents, including the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), suggest that homework for children in kindergarten through second grade is most effective when it does not exceed 10-20 minutes each day. In third through sixth grade, children can benefit from 30-60 minutes of homework per day. Junior high and high school students can benefit from more time on homework, and the amount may vary from night to night.

    Reading at home is especially important for young children. High-interest reading assignments might push the time on homework a bit beyond the minutes suggested above.

    These recommendations are consistent with the conclusions reached by many studies on the effectiveness of homework. For young children, research shows that shorter and more frequent assignments may be more effective than longer but fewer assignments. This is because young children have short spans of attention and need to feel they have successfully completed a task.

    Hope it helps.
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  • I don't know your states- but here in NV- they give so much homework it's unbelievable. Epically in High School. Having all different teachers they just pile on the work on the kids. Teachers that are supposed to post their assignments on line....forget to do it or wait till Sunday to list them. My daughter has a Spanish teacher who is French and has an accent....not talking about at all that she doesn't bother to even say most words to the class...just expects them to figure out things on their own.....Um- I thought she was a teacher. I've seen my daughter spend most of the weekend-need deep in homework. She goes to a magnet High School and prides herself on doing a good job in all her classes. I just wish all her teachers had the same pride.
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  • For a nine year old (3rd or 4th grader), I'd say no more than 30-45 minutes a day. For middle school, 60-90 minutes. For high school, 2 hours, depending on the course load. Sometimes middle school and high school homework goes in fits and spurts if there are projects and papers due. So there might be more homework some days, less on others. Also, I know I spent at least an hour each night on advanced math homework (trig and calculus) in high school.

    Also, as a teacher, I strongly believe that homework should be practice work that the student can complete INDEPENDENTLY, with minimal parent help, not new material.
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  • Oh! An extended school day and year is a proposal I am totally in favor of! Even if it were optional, it would allow teachers to include art, music, and PE back into the curriculum.
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