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Full Time or Part Time?

  • I know this is a crucial question for many women when they are deciding to go back to work. What did you decide? Which worked best for your family going back full time or part time?
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  • I had no choice but to go back full time. I was with my company under 2 years so I only got 4 weeks off for maternity leave. It's very difficult and caused me to really resent working, but I am the primary breadwinner in our household so it's just not an option for me to go part time (not that I could at my current job anyways). The economy is really tough right now and prices are just going up so I'll probably end up retiring from this place in 35-40 years. Fortunately for us, my parents moved out here to Ohio so my mom can babysit for us while my hubby and I both work. They live with us for now and probably will until we are able to sell our house and buy 2 adjoining lots or one lot with 2 houses.

    I get so upset with people trying to push their WAH businesses or judging us for working outside of the home. I couldn't make $40k+ a year at a wah business plus benefits and perks as steady income. I do feel guilty that I can't be at home all day as it is. Believe me, there are days that I'm just 100% demotivated to even drag myself in but I have to.
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