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Shopping for kids' toys...Often? Never? Who decides?

  • Do you rely on gifts and hand-me-down toys for your kid/s? Or do you regularly shop for toys? If so, do you buy A) what you want them to have or B) what they are pleading for?
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  • Well since babyjama does not yet plead, I buy her what I want her to have...sorry that's a cop out, but I'm sure the pleading days are coming.

    I shop for toys for special occasions and every once in a while just for fun...but that's the nice thing about babies, they're satisfied if you give them a washed out plastic, take out container, and baby food lids (this is our make shift "bank toy" I cut a slot in the top of the take out lid so that she can drop the baby food lids inside like they are "coins";). other than that, there always seem to be a few new things from aunts and grandparents and such.
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  • Hand-me -downs ROCK! I love them. For my first, I wasn't that into hand me downs but now I realize it is crazy to spend money on things they are interested in for 1 minute. If you can get hand me downs...TAKE THEM!
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  • we have so many grandparents and aunts and uncles in the mix that i dont know if we really ever bought anything other than at christmas!

    Plus since DS is only almost 2 and in daycare the ammount of time spent at home just putzing around with toys is somewhat limited. Now that the weather is nice we spend most days outside.

    His current favorite is a truck that beeps and lights up. and books. and balls. and apparetly golf. he has decided that ball thrower for the dog (so you dont have to touch the yucky slobber coated ball) is a golf club and uses it to putt wiffle balls. imagination at it's finest!
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  • We never get hand-me-down toys, but we have a great market with some pretty cheap cars and balls, which is really all my two year old is interested in and the one year old just wants to play with his brotherĀ“s stuff.

    My husband buys a car for my son whenever they go into town, but I usually only buy a toy for special occasions or sometimes if my toddler has been very good on a shopping trip (yeah, bribery, but it works! He used to throw major tantrums in the super and now he helps me put things in the basket and never complains!).
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  • Like Genesis, I've been known to use a new toy car as a bribe for a successful trip to the grocery store. But my son is only almost-three, so walks in the forest and trips to the beach are more popular than any toy train or coloring set.
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  • For birthdays and Christmas. Maybe every once in a while I will pick up a small toy if its inexpensive and its something they would really like, but I dont just go toy shopping randomly and they know that big toys are saved for Christmas and birthdays unless they pay for them themselves.

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