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How much do you spend on groceries per month?

  • Way to go Lylah! I strive for $80 a week to feed 3. I haven't reconciled budgets in a long while so I'm not sure of actuals. If I think about my weekly trips I think I probably get pretty close but that doesn't include our weekly vegetable subscription of about $25. But that number is strictly food. I'm working hard to buy other stuff elsewhere so I get a better idea of food costs. And I've been keeping a price book. This week cereal is on sale at Kroger and I had enough data to know that while it looked like a great deal, it really wasn't. That was kind of fun!

    In past years I've grown some vegetables but we're probably moving soon and if we have to sell our house empty, neglected flowers will look better than overgrown vegetables.
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  • We spend $25 a week on groceries, food, soaps, etc. But before anyone freaks out, I also live in Guatemala. So, it´s a lot cheaper here and we eat very little meat, mostly just fresh veggies and fruits, plus pasta and rice (and beans, of course!). I´m rather worried that when we go back to Canada, it´s going to be SO expensive to get fruits and veggies. :S
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  • Our food budget used to be 300 dollars a month, but we recently upped that to 350 with the food prices going up. Like a lot of others, we don't eat meat at home, so that does help our bill. We shop at Costco for certain things, but have to go to the regular grocery store for other stuff. I'm not very good at shopping the sales though...mostly I just buy what I want. But I do cook from scratch at least half the time...So it's a trade off.
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  • For a family of 3 I spend around $80 per week. I cut coupons every week and stock up on things we use regularly when I see it on sale (instead of waiting until we need it to buy it). Between coupons and sales, that $80 I spend each week includes anywhere from a 20% to 40% savings. Some weeks though I don't go at all b/c we have enough food stocked up.
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  • This is one area that I have tried to shave off of dramatically. I have never been a coupon clipper, but have started watching ads and have joined

    And started using thier stockpiling system. I budget $400/mo for the five of us, but try to come in under every month. I stopped doing the big shopping trip every weekend and started shopping a few times per week to take advantage of in store specials and meats that are "Reduced for Quick Sale". Like others have said - I "cook from scratch" for every meal. I make extra servings of dinner to pack for our lunches the next day.
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  • wow, i am impressed - how do you manage the savings? is it mostly from the cooking from scratch and bulk/coupons? How do you have TIME to do all of that? i would like to know your secrets as i would love to cut my food bill in half! (no i do not want to admit that i also spend around $800/month on groceries - and that's with out meat and not counting eating out! eek!)
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  • One of the questions should be, "do you shop with a shopping list or not?" Sticking to a list will save you a ton of money on groceries.
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  • Okay I See Where Lylahs Coming From But I Have A Family Of Four And its About $250 Per Week .!
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