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Obama's Speech? Clinton's Speech? What did you think??

  • Did Clinton miss an opportunity to unite the Democratic Party by showing support for Obama? Did Obama miss an opportunity to highlight the historical significance of this day for African Americans?

    And was it brilliant of Jon Stewart to have Terry McAullife on his show, acting all crazy, immediately after?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 4th June 2008
  • You didn't ask, but I did love that McCain thanked Clinton as the father of 3 daughters for what she had accomplished.

    I think that Clinton really missed a great opportunity to rally her supporters behind Obama. I think that to concede for her, is just a great big bitter pill and she's having an awfully hard time getting it down. I thought her speech was great, I have a hunch that when she finally concedes it will be a casual low-key press release on a late Friday afternoon that won't be the event that tonight's speech was expected to be.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Niki D on 4th June 2008
  • I missed Obama's speech but saw part of Clinton's. Her arrogance is unbelievable to me, even after all these years. It's like she just can't imagine that she didn't get what she wanted.
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  • Niki D., good point! I missed McCain's speech, but should have read it online and included it in my question!

    I got the impression that Clinton was trying to show that she still has control over something Obama wants -- namely, her supporters. It bothered me that a lot of the TV talking heads were saying, "this is her night, she needs a moment." Um... shouldn't it be about the country, not about her (or any single person in particular)? How did it become "her night"?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 4th June 2008
  • Clinton gives me heartburn. As a white woman who has also identified as a feminist for a few decades now, I was really saddened to see the resurrection of entitlement and racism that played out (look up Geraldine Ferraro's recent op ed piece for some examples). I never particularly considered Hillary to be a feminist (although that's not for me to decide, because feminism has many faces), and when she became the champion of women everywhere (note sarcasm), I had a hard time buying it. But when the race turned negative, and she started acting entitled and smug, I really felt that she'd set the reparations of racial aggressions back within feminism by a couple of decades.

    On another note, watching the faces of the kids in the audience at Obama's rally made me cry with joy. I think he should be president because he's an amazing leader who brings intelligence, humor, a willingness to learn in the job (which I think all presidents should do), and a depth of world experience. But the role model of WHO he is and how every child in this country will be exposed just to him being the democratic candidate for the presidency is beyond powerful. You have to dream it to be it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Traci on 5th June 2008
  • I am so excited by Obama and the passion that he has for what he believes in. I think the way he has excited young voters, is amazing.

    Another note about his speech, I thought that they way he and Michelle interacted on stage was very touching. I loved that you could see him thank her several times.

    About Hillary, I think that she really feels this was taken from her. I don't think she sees that she and her team lost this election on their own. It's a shame that the party has had to force her to step out. It could have been a great moment for her and a step towards clearing the way for her to run again sometime, now I'm afraid she'll be remembered for this week.
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