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Oh No You Didn't

  • Yesterday I took my two kids with me to a photo shoot for some blankets I sell at my online upscale baby boutique. I rounded up three cute moms and their kids, my favorite photographer and six or seven blankets for some amazing shots to be featured on my website. The shoot was being taken at an orthodontist office since the photographer had all her backdrops set up there for patients that recently got their braces off. The doctor's office is on the top floor of a very large multi office building. Well everything was great at first. All the babies were smiling. Their clothes looked nice and fresh. As I am sure you can all imagine after an hour all four babies were crying at some point and my almost three year old son was bouncing off the walls. He kept messing with all the photographers backdrops, lighting, etc. Finally, I told my son I had had enough and we were going home. I packed up all my belongings, got the model releases signed and was headed out the door when all the sudden the FIRE ALARM goes off! "YOU DID NOT!!" Yes, these were the first words out of my mouth and when I turned around sure enough MY SON'S little hand is on the alarm! He had a look of complete shock on his face. I could hear all the other office doors opening with people hurrying down the stairs. (Remember this is a HUGE, glass, two story office building). I waited in the office for awhile with the screeching alarm blaring at us in case I needed to talk to the firemen. Finally, the secretary told me to leave. I think she was just annoyed at us and wanted us out. I went down the elevator and took the walk of shame out the door as I explained to everyone that there was no emergency just a curious two year old exploring his world. Then I drove off with everyone watching me and the fire alarm still blaring in the background.

    I called my hsuband, who is a fireman in a different area of town, and he couldn't have been a prouder papa. He didn't have to do the walk of shame though. On the photographer's way out she took some shots of the fire truck and the people waiting outside in the hot desert sun.

    Anyone have an experience that tops this one?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Heather on 6th June 2008
  • Oh my gosh Heather! That must have been so embarrassing...I can just imagine the judgmental looks that you were getting. This could happen to anyone though. That's kind of funny that your husband also happens to be a fire fighter though.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 10th June 2008

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