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Step moms: How do your parents view your step kids?

  • Do they treat them the same as their other grandchildren? Or do they treat them differently (and, if so, have your step kids noticed)?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 11th June 2008
  • My parents tried SO hard to form relationships with my step kids. They really, really reached out.

    Unfortunately, my step kids have too often slighted them or me and they seem to have lost interest in trying to form bonds with them.

    Frustrating? Yes. Understandable? Of course.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa on 9th December 2008
  • Step what?... Hahaha I say that be cause in my family blood has nothing to do with family ties. My family looks at step kids, adoptees, and children of girlfriends or boyfriends and even girl friends and boyfriends as kin. Now obviously kids get a lot get more leeway than adults who can break up or divorce. But all the kids in my family get treated the same even the bastards literally and figuratively. If a step kid or an adoptee gets out of line they get yanked back in just as quickly as if they were blood. If their parents don't like it ... well .. its likely they wouldn't be hanging out with my family. hahaha
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by coparent on 17th March 2009
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