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Poll: Do you think your employer should allow you to bring your child to work?

  • Do you think your employer should allow you to bring your child to work?Talk about this week's poll!
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  • Yes. I think employers should definitely accomodate children of employees. Productivity would increase because parents would be at ease knowing their children are close by if anything should happen and could therefore concentrate more on their job. Also, parents could spend time with their children during the day (ie., lunch, breaks) and they wouldn't have that guilt trip sometimes felt when leaving their kids for long hours. Also, parents would save money in childcare, which in turn would foster a happier work environment with higher moral. It would take an effort on the part of the employers, but if they understood the many benefits of it, they would realize it would be a better situation for all.
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  • Yes !

    YES !

    all over the world children are learning how to work with family businesses! Most people frequent places that are family run for the very reason that they like the atmosphere of family business. Children who understand why parents work and what happens with work understand better why the parents are not always available. When a child understands why a parent is working, in a rather concrete and visual manner then they also can understand what drives economy directly in thier lives such as ; saving, grocery bills, food out, toys, special events, clothing all without having to have a class in school or on a weekend after they melt down over a lack of an extra milkshake (helps foster a sense of awareness and empathy for family as well, the child sees parents making the contribution instead of simply leaving them every day, changes the family dyamic dramatically). Parents benefit, children benefit, and the business benefits.

    win win.
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