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  • Ten years ago we THOUGHT soy was GOOD.... and now we know different... Research shows that SOY Ingestion may even LEAD to the many cancers we see today....

    Check out these links: .htm

    Again, the Adrenal Fatigue book CLEARLY outlines the NEED to avoid SOY in all forms...

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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  • Interesting I hadn't ever heard this before, and our family eats a fair amount of soy including tofu, soy milk (occasionally), and edamame.
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  • Funny, there is just as much evidence that milk and meat are terrible for you. You can look for evidence that anything is bad for you. PLenty of research to show that consumption of meat leads to cancer and heart disease. So what are we supposed to eat? Milk is also terrible for infants so now what? I guess you gotta pick the lesser of the two evils and I pick soy based on all of my research, speaking to doctors and the fact that the countried that eat more soy have way less cancer and heart disease than we do.
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  • Milk and meat CAN be bad for you, but for different reasons. Red Meat at least. They are full of bulking hormones and steroids so they sell for more money. Chickens and fish are safer...

    I had read the warnings on SOY in my RN magazines for a while... how they mimic estrogen and thus can lead to hormone sensitive cancers, and now the research to the general public shows that. I left soy, dropped 2 pants sizes and feel better than ever. Soy is a HUGE NO NO leading to Adrenal Fatigue...

    It's all a personal choice. but knowing what I do now, I will NOT eat soy. That link above was info that's now proven.... the scientific research is in on this one big time.... :(

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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  • There's a lot of different stories floating around about soy and it's benefits or dangers. Lots of passionate points of view on both sides and it's hard to tell what's true. It seems like the more establishment medical sites say there's nothing wrong with soy and the more alternative/complementary medicine sites claim problems. That statement is my best attempt at impartiality for 10pm. Recently I saw a video (sorry, can't find the link right now) that said the greater problem with soy is not the hormone mimicing, but the effects of the modified gene in the genetically modified strains of soy. The video recommends only buying organic.

    I've also read in several places that we eat a lot more soy than the traditional soy eating countries like Japan. We tend to eat a soy burger with a side of edamame while drinking soy milk. I'm exaggerating, but like anything else, everything is dangerous if you over do it. And I recall reading something about fermented soy products being better than non. I believe most American tofu from the supermarket is not fermented.

    Soy is turning up everwhere so if you're trying to avoid it, you need to be a good label reader. Fortunately it's a big allergen so it's required to be called-out on the labels. A few months ago I found soy in canned tuna! Most are now packed in vegetable broth and often that includes soy. I couldn't find a single brand at the local grocery that didn't have it.
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  • Here's another link that came out this week. The phytoestrogen syndrome is unfortunately real. /2008/09/04/why-soy-is-not-the-health-food-you-thi nk-it-is.aspx

    I know my fibrocystic breast disease went away completely and I've lost weight and BELLY FAT faster than ever moving away from Soy.

    And you're right. You DO have to read labels! I rarely eat canned foods, and frozen fruit and veggies are not a problem with relation to soy. But for our life and health, it's sure worth the extra effort. I read labels for sugar content anyway so I might aw well check out what ELSE they are packing in my foods.... :-0

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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  • I agree with jenns. A splash of soymilk in your tea isn't going to be a problem. But maybe soy products daily is too much. I choose soy over dairy for a couple of reasons, one of which is environmental and ethical. Organic soybeans are an industry I prefer to support!
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  • As LONG as people are educated, it's absolutely OK as adults to make any choices we want.... My goal after seeing what I have in 30 years as a Registered Nurse is that they are EDUCATED.... I left soy and like most women, completely reversed adrenal fatigue and all of the dangers of endocrine disruptors.....

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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