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Anyone watching the Democratic Convention?

  • I'm watching it right now -- Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran is speaking, and her speech is incredibly powerful. Anyone else watching? What do you think about the speeches? Have you heard anything that surprised you, made you reconsider your opinion about anything, made you wish they'd say more (or less) about something?
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  • The staging has just been incredible -- OK, it's the jaded journalist in me talking here, but I can't help but notice how the "soundtrack" coordinates with the points they're trying to underscore, how even the non-scripted moments stay on message perfectly...

    That said, I'm still really moved by so much of it, on different levels. Bo Biden's one-sentence tribute to his stepmom. Joe Biden's mom. The Iraq War veteran's description of what hasn't worked for our troops.

    I'm interested in what happens next week with the Republican convention...

    Anyone else watching? What do you think?
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  • I watched most of the later speeches every night, and I have to say, I thought it was awesome. I'm a Democrat, so they were preaching to choir with me, but I felt like most of the speakers were terrific, and some of them really hit it out of the park. Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Barack all moved me to tears and were really inspiring. I just am more and more impressed with her as this process moves on. And it seems like the Bidens and the Obamas have great chemistry together.

    But, given that I'm posting about this today, on Friday, I have to admit that I'm quite distracted by the news coming out of McCain's campaign. Palin? Wow.
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  • I watched all of the primetime speeches as well. I felt a tad disappointed with Hillary's speech. It seemed like she was still on the stump. However, it felt like she made up for it the next day when she came out on the floor during roll call and stopped the vote. I felt like that was a really powerful moment, and it was on during the nightly news so I got to see it live.

    There were a lot of very moving moments. Bo Biden had me nearly bawling when he said that he, his siblings and his dad all married Jill. Barack had tears of pride coming down my cheeks. Michelle was awesome!
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