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2 kids 1 Room

  • We have a 3.5 yr old girl and 1.5 yr old boy who share a room now. The room they are in is pretty small (9x10 ) with a tiny closet. They are going to have to continue sharing for a while and we are trying to figure out how to make the most of their space. Right now baby boy is still in a crib and big sis is in a twin bed. That take us most of the room. It feels like chaos sometimes.

    Have y'all had siblings sharing space? How did you handle it? What about as they grow older?
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  • Up until a year ago, because my boys and I were living with my mom and sister in a 3 bedroom house, my boys and I shared a room! Now, they have their own room, but they still have to share it with each other. They are 12 & 14. I would prefer them having their own room, and so would they, but until we can get into a large enough house, there's just no way to do it. They understand it, don't always like it, but they don't complain too much.

    They have bunk beds. It takes up the least amount of space, they still can have their own dresser drawers, they have to share a closet, and then there are two small shelves in the room. It's not as big as it sounds... very little space for moving, but that's ok, cuz when they are in their room, they are either playing video games, watching tv or sleeping!

    Remember the Brady Bunch had three kids per room! LOL!
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  • Growing up I shared a room with my 3 sisters! I was the youngest, so I thought it was great!

    Bunk beds might not work quite yet for the ages of your kids, but a double bed might. Then when they get bigger, you could change to bunks.

    My kids, boy 12 and girl 9, have thier own rooms, but they love bunking in together. My son has bunk beds. I think kids really enjoy sharing a room and sleeping together. And they learn to share, compromise, and work together to keek their room clean.
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