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Salute to Ebert & Roper

  • Did any of you ever watch Epert & Roeper (a/k/a At the Movies)? We were regular watchers of that pgm over the years, from the days when it was Siskel & Ebert (R.I.P. G.S.) to Ebert & Roper to the couple of years when Ebert couldn't do the show and Roeper had guest critics on. For those who weren't aware, Disney wants to take the show in a different direction and they couldn't agree with Roeper, so the last show with that host was a couple of wks ago. We weren't crazy about the bells & whistles and general feel that the show was slowly incorporating -- the Disneyfication of the show -- so we are not interested in seeing the new incarnation of At the Movies with the new hosts. As far as we're concerned, the show is dead, and we're grieving it. Not only was it fun to watch and to listen to the opinions -- which often led to spirited discussions in our own household -- this show was also wonderful in how it gave working parents like us an idea of what was out there in the world of cinema. Since we've had our son, we almost never get to movie houses anymore (apart from the kiddie films); 99.9% of our grownup movie watching are taped from our TV/cable channels, or rentals. We really appreciate foreign & indie films, so we were grateful to those folks for including those in their lineups, and we fear we're not going to be able to be as in touch with those films now that the show is over. Sorry to sound so cynical, but I doubt that Disney will have the new hosts pays such close attention to those kinds of films.

    So, R.I.P. At the Movies. Or should I say, a big THUMBS UP, and thanks. - Paula.
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  • I had no idea all of that was happening. In all honesty I haven't watched too many episodes since Gene Siskel died. I really enjoyed watching back then though, and would sometimes catch an episode here and there. I agree with you that they did a wonderful job of incorporating indie/foreign films in their selections as well as the big movie names. The two thumbs up movies were usually some of my favorites. It's sad that it's the end of an era.
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