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Poll: Sarah Palin: Can she successfully juggle being a VP and a mom to 5 kids, including one with special needs?

  • Sarah Palin: Can she successfully juggle being a VP and a mom to 5 kids, including one with special needs?Talk about this week's poll!
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  • You can do anything you want, but that doesn't mean you can do it well.
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  • She has a great support network. She will do fine. I am tired of people questioning her abilities. I too am a busy focused woman, mother, friend. Generally when people question all I do they are looking for a way to explain why THEY could not do so much. I have alot of strength and intelligence and great kids and a fine husband. It works out. Since I have it so good I feel obliged to utilize all of my skills. I do not in any way question other people's choices. Let her be..... that is my opinion!

    Clare w
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  • I agree with Clare. I'm sick of this even being an issue and, as a woman, I find it archaic and insulting. Women have been multi-tasking since the beginning of time yet, if a man has kids, special needs or not, no one questions his ability to be a parent and hold down a full-time job. Why should her ability to do both be in question?

    Sarah Palin seems to have a network of helpers including her kids and a husband who, for the most part, is a stay at home dad. She will do just fine.

    This issue along with the one concerning her teengage daughter's pregnancy really annoy me. As to the teenage daughter, if anyone thinks they can control a teenager with raging hormones, they must live in the grand old state of DENIAL. I've been a teenager. There was NO ONE that could tell me what to do or how to do it.

    They say she is a bad role model of family values. How many pregnant teens are out there? A LOT. This is nothing new. I am a mom and a business woman and I am proud to model after her. I have 4 kids and desire more than anything, to be a successful woman with (what appears to be) a happy family.
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  • One more note, I saw a post where women claimed Sarah Palin's nomination was an insult to women and that those voting for her were doing so JUST because she is a woman. Well, I for one, find that opinion to be an over simplistic, narrow view that is even more insulting to women.

    I am an educated, 38 year old business woman. I have done my homework and I am proudly supporting and will be voting McCain & Palin in November.
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  • The reasons I would never vote for her have nothing to do with her being a mother and everything to do with her political stances.
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  • This campaign should be about the issues and not lies and smear tactics. The American citizens are struggling to make ends meet and we deserve to have a fair election where both parties present to us their plans to help our country move forward in a positive direction. Do not waste our time with lies, propaganda, and sensationalism.
    I am not happy with the way John McCain has gone about his election. McCain’s use of Sarah Palin and how he has initially presented her to the public via the supermarket tabloids instead of in the political forum where she would be asked questions by the media. McCain had her do interviews for US Magazine, OK, and People so that the first impression of her was to “middle America Wal-Mart moms”. Meanwhile the GOP is crying sexism. Perhaps if Sarah Palin’s first introduction to the American people was via a real political news forum where she had the chance to share with us HER experience and ideas for this election and not those written for her. Even her speech at the RNC told us nothing about what she plans to do to help the American people. She used her entire speech time to ridicule a man who has chosen to take a different path, a higher path. The GOP’s choice in Sarah Palin is like offering up a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the women of America and by the time these women realize they were fooled by sensationalism and fluff, it will be too late to get their votes back. How very sad for our country.
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  • I think Gov. Palin will do great!
    I was thrilled to see her so proud of her family and her country.
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  • I agree it is insulting to women to assume we will vote for McCain because he has a woman VP. I would have never voted for Hillary!
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  • Yes, I agree that we are justifiably annoyed at the media for presuming we would vote for a presidential candidate solely based on either 1) gender or 2) race. Truly we as citizens have a responsibility to vote for the candidate we think will do the best for our country; it is my belief that most Americans make their choices with that in mind. I agree with Claire that it is insulting to us to presume we have no more awareness of the issues than gender!
    --Clare W
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