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childbirth education?

  • I am also a independent childbirth/postpartum educator. I have noticed that african american woman do not like to take childbirth classes or ask for help after the birth of their children. Then it is very hard for me because I have a hard time booking white clients because I am a young black woman,Why do you think african american woman are not as intreasted in classes and what can be done to market to them more? We have some of the highest rates for low birth rate babies. I am very fustrated. We are some of the strongest woman in general but also the most stubborn and set in our ways of being almost like know it all's and we don't want anyone telling us anything.
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  • Oh Honey I dont think its a black or white issue.
    With free hospital based classes that pretend to teach pain coping methods when in reality they teach mamas how to be good lil pt. along with the popularity of the epidural, mama black, white, brown and yellow feel that expence of indpendant childbirth classes is a waste of time and money, heck even the freebie classes have seen a conciderable drop in parents attending.
    As for marketing to black women you have to know what they need. Why are they resistant to help postpartum? How can you differenciate yourself grom other ind birth educators? What skill philosphy do you have that would appeal to black women in you area. With the stats of low birth weights going beyond color what other factors are there? Smoking? Economic status? Premature birth?
    With your statement of women dont want to be told anything baby you could come from a place of support and pampering to get around their objections?
    Keep me posted I would love tohear what yo come up with
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  • Thank you!
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  • I signed up and attended childbirth education classes. I had minions to serve me too LOL!: My husband and sister.

    There were Black Women there.

    Could this be a socioeconomic issue?
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