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Pro-Palin working moms

  • I know we have a lot of Palin supporters here at Work It, Mom! who feel that their voices aren't being heard. Please discuss what you like about your candidates here!

    If anyone is looking to bone up on the politicians actual stances on actual issues, here's a link to a neutral site:

    It has everyone's there, and I mean everyone's -- Green Party, Libertarians, Nader, Huckabee, both Thompsons, Al Sharpton, and possibly your next door neighbor, if he or she has ever run for office!
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  • I admire Palin for the fact that she is a mom of 5 ,maintained her political career, and has now taken on the challenge of co- running a nation- I empathize with all her child rearing and working because I'm a working mom of 6, so she immediately appealed to me. I hate to admit it, but with all of my daily parenting and working issues, I don't feel like trying to find out what her stances are, I'm drawn to her wife-career-motherhood;but would I be a responsible,informed voter whose opinion will effect the next four years?ABSOLUTELY! So I guess after I post here I'll be going to that link...
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  • I agree with heidi on all the above, plus it is my opinion that Sarah Palin has a lot more experience running a government. I'd venture a bet that almost none of you know that Senator Barack Obama has spent a grand total of 143 days "acting" as Senator. It takes more than 143 days to obtain certification or degree for almost any profession or trade I can think of. Palin & McCain talk about real solutions and plans while all we hear from Obama is Change, Change, Change -- but he almost never (I never say never), has a concrete plan for fulfilling his goals of change. I think McCain & Palin make an outstanding duo, and are the "renegades" that we need to shake things up!!!
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  • I've been reading alot about Sarah Palin. I admire her in so many ways. She appears to be comfortable with her choices, and I also agree that her and McCain make a smashing pair and complement each other on so many ways.
    I am also a mother of 5. Work is a necessity for a woman in my parts of the States. I've had opportunities to move up the career ladder, and hesitantly resisted.
    I want to make sure that I give everything I can to my children while they are still young and impressionable. I hope that my guidance will continue on to their children.

    If any of my children would ever make a life altering decision in their young lives, I would never want to say, "I should've, I could've, I would've".... If only I was there for them more.

    I wonder if Sarah Palin goes to sleep at night asking herself those questions.

    But that is me, I wouldn't judge her political ability based on the personal choices she has made.
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  • If Sara was not connected with old (R) people I would have voted for her,
    If you want 4 more years with problems you have a choice 4 Nov , I do not have anything, its all about charge of the party, the last team I voted for Bush its time to charge.
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  • I don't care what the ads say, how smooth or emotionally charged the speeches are or even how many babies any of the 4 candidates kiss. I want facts...

    This election is about my freedom.

    Let's face it, none of the 4 candidates are perfect.

    My vote is for freedom. So which of the 4 candidates will defend my freedom, my Constitution, and honor the flag of my country, the symbol of our freedom?

    Of all 4 candidates none of them want to change our Constitutional Amendments EXCEPT Obama. Did you know he has a 10 point plan of "change" to change our Second Amendment? He wants to ban the use of firearms for home defense. What? I have a right to defend myself. The world is not a friendly place. What do you thing would happen when the gangs, terrorists, and rapists (who have guns no matter what the laws are) would do if they knew lawful Americans were denied the right to protect themselves in their homes? Nothing would hold them back. There are millions of gun owners in America. We should hear of millions of deaths if those lawful citizens misused their guns. More people die from obesity than from gun accidents.

    Since Obama feels he can alter our Second Amendment, what else will he alter? Do you really know? He has plans to alter more than I want. Freedom is like the environment, if you change too much, it gets ruined. Obama wants too much change. Do you really know Obama?

    Have you researched the American Issues Project? None of the 4 candidates is sympathetic to terrorists or has known, active terrorist friends except Obama.

    Biden is the only candidate who had to publically apoloize for lying about his personal history! There is a lot more on Biden, but you can research that.

    I don't care if a canidate is republican or democrat as much as I care about my freedom.

    Of all 4 candidates, the facts point to McCain-Palin defending my freedom, our nation's freedom, our Constitution, our Amendments, and supporting our troops. They have my vote.
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  • I am sorry to say this: But PALIN is not the right choice to run a country. The problem with most voters is that they are voting for the wrong reasons. Who cares if she is a women, or have kids...SO WHAT..does that mean she is qualified for the job? NO...It took her 7 years to graduate to get her bachelors degree. And Mc Cain is about to go any minute now...he is too old and too stubborn to make a change. I am a INDEPENDENT...Non-Republican and Non-Democrate. But atleast I believe that change needs to be made. The Low and Middle class ppl are suffering..And if you are one of those ppl feel that it is okay to keep drilling the oils and going to pollute the earth, and it is okay to not have a choice to get an abortion. If you want to make wars in other countries then she is your pick. But if you want to have a choice, and if you want to be able to breath a littel bit more. If you want to have a better education for your kids...then OBAMA 08...I say. He is an educated man who believes in the American ppl and trying to make a difference...Who cares of his color, He is my VOTE to make things better. Palin doesnt get my vote b/c she is a women, nor a mother it is what she stands for. She doesnt care about the little ppl. She only cares about OIL
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  • I would hate any potential employers to judge how I would perform based upon the fact that I have kids, so "Wow, you must be good for any job under the sun because you have two kids and still manage to work outside the home". She is just as impressive or unimpressive as any man who has children and is in politics. It is a job and how it is balanced with personal life is a non-issue.

    Because she has kids DOES NOT mean she should be a heartbeat away from the presidency. McCain is old. He has had cancer. If McCain is elected, Palin really might be president. That scares me. The next president has the opportunity to appoint more judges to the supreme court, and that ticket wants to outlaw abortion EVEN IN CASES OF RAPE AND INCEST.

    Obama has a plan to get more jobs in the US by investing in energy-independent infrastructure. McCain's cabinet would be full of lobbyists, and would drive our economy further into the ground like the past administration by pandering to big oil and big business.

    Obama doesn't want to take away your guns, and that's not the most important thing that should decide your vote. The economy affects us all, and I don't want more of the same.
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  • It's funny that so many women are pro-Palin because she's "like us" .... do we really want an average american running the country?

    I'll so, no, I don't. Honestly. I count on my leaders to be more educated (or at least demonstrably smarter than me), more worldy and better traveled, more experienced, and to possess impeccable judgment.

    I have to call out AnneMarie's non-facts here. Obama is not proposing changing any amendment. Where do you get this? Regarding gun control, he says:

    We essentially have two realities, when it comes to guns, in this country. You've got the tradition of lawful gun ownership. It is very important for many Americans to be able to hunt, fish, take their kids out, teach them how to shoot. Then you've got the reality of 34 Chicago public school students who get shot down on the streets of Chicago. We can reconcile those two realities by making sure the Second Amendment is respected and that people are able to lawfully own guns, but that we also start cracking down on the kinds of abuses of firearms that we see on the streets.


    Also, as I posted on another board, moms everywhere should read this column in the NYT about McCain's disastrous plan to tax our health care benefits. Here's an excerpt and a link:

    Has anyone bothered to notice the radical changes that John McCain and Sarah Palin are planning for the nation’s health insurance system?

    These are changes that will set in motion nothing less than the dismantling of the employer-based coverage that protects most American families.

    A study coming out Tuesday from scholars at Columbia, Harvard, Purdue and Michigan projects that 20 million Americans who have employment-based health insurance would lose it under the McCain plan.

    here's the link: t.html?_r=1&oref=login
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  • Thanks for starting this group.
    Please note it's Pro Palin. If you are not, don't join.
    Start against Palin group and post your comments there.
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