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Best KIDs' DVDs?

  • Hello! I'm wondering if we could start a thread here, where we recommend movies for kids, that AREN'T necessarily Disney or Pixar or big commercial release titles... Things a little outside the box?

    You can visit my blog to see some of my favorites... Since I'm always seeking input for titles, thought it would be a fun thread to start here. (Is it ok to mix self-promotion with community chat her?!)

    They can be old TV series, foreign series or movies, or American classics (we are watching "Bringing Up Baby" tonite, with Cary Grant and K. Hepburn) ... you get the idea.

    A couple of my own recommendations:

    I started my blog a couple of months ago with a post about one of the best Charlie Chaplin movies, The Gold Rush. Another "classic" title I've yet to write about is John Wayne's "True Grit," which was clean enough for kids and had a great, rather feminist message.

    Many of the movies I recommend can be most easiest found on Netflix, or even at your local library. Some DVD rental stores don't have a large enough inventory to include such a wide range of films.

    I really think kids can benefit from reading subtitles, from seeing B&W films, silent films, and just generally offbeat fare. Don't you?

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