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  • We homeschool our four children ages 8
  • We homeschool our four children ages 8 thru 17 (all of whom are beautiful and well above average!) . I started a small business over 8 years ago which had built up a hill (not quite a mountain) of debt for us. In response to that I decided to tutor local students in order to bring in money to pay that debt. This was lucrative when the kids showed up, but not as steady as I needed, it was also quite labor intensive. I was glad to be home but even so missed my kids (in the other room) and saw no method of creating more income from the limited hours available. Finally I began to research opportunities that would create a real income stream for our family while allowing me the most valuable paycheck--- TIME--. I found the company and team Work At Home United; WAHU works with a INC 500 manufacturing company with a consistent growth record. There is no downturn in the economy for this company. I am responsible for setting up customer accounts; I am not responsible for inventory; deliveries; parties; I work at home with hours that fit our family. I am proud to be associated with this company. This is working out great for our family; will it work out for yours? Only you can tell. Contact me through my website and I will be glad to help you determine if it is a match for you!
    Clare Willis
  • I couldn't agree with you MORE Clare!! How bout that FREE IPOD?!?!? Tim and I just got notice that they are mailing our free DELL Laptop too! Ya GOTTA love it!!

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
    Executive Director Melaleuca
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