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Cheap meals

  • Okay ladies, I need your help. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, and I want to try and get through the store on a really cheap budget. Tell me, what are your cheapest meal ideas that your family will actually eat? Do you ever total up how much a meal costs you? (I don't I'm too lazy...but if you tell me it's a good deal, I'll probably believe you).
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  • My cheapest meal is my kids' favorite, spam fried with cheese on top kinda like your cookin burgers, mac n cheese, and green beans.
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  • Hmm. Great question. Yes, I do sometimes tally up meals, like last night when I made a pasta dish we both love and I splurged on 1lb of good quality fresh mozzarella to go in it = $13 investment for a huge bowl of food. Anyway, cheapest meal that we all like: rice and black beans with some kind of veggies added. If you buy rice in bulk and cook the beans yourself from scratch AND use cheap veggies like carrots, you're looking at about $1-$2 per large pot full of food. It's not glamorous, but it IS budget-friendly. :)

    Can I share a personal fav hint? Go for green cabbage instead of lettuce. 3 heads of romaine go for around $3, but a smallish cabbage is about half that price. You can cook it lots of ways or shred it for coleslaw or pita fillings.
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  • Cabbage...who would have thunk it? Great idea.

    It's so funny how kids like the less expensive foods. hahaha...actually, I think I'm more picky than my daughter that I think about it.
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  • Oooh, here's another cabbage idea: stuff a pita with mayo, a dash of hot sauce, thinly sliced apple, and finely shredded cabbage. Drizzle on some vinaigrette. Yum! It's very healthy. And the crunch makes it so satisfying.
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  • Hi! I am the Meal Mistress of Chicago! I am not a Mom, but a personal chef and cook for busy moms and professionals! I plan, shop and cook all in one day and being organzied is key for saving time and even money! First on my list is to call the butcher before planning recipes to find out what is on special. Get on a first name basis with him/her! When I get to the store, I explain to him how many people I am cooking for and he advises me as to how many pounds of meat I will need for a recipe. This way I do not buy too much! Healthy Soups w lean meats, veggies, beans, whole grain pastas or whole grains like brown rice and can feed an army and can be put in the freezer! Be sure to use lower fat and sodium broths! More water can also be added to soups to stretch the portions!
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  • I love Easy and cheap recipes! Lately we've been planning our meals and trying to stay on a tight budget too. We've been getting away with sometimes as low as $50 a week. Happy cooking!
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  • I think that the cheapest meal that we could possibly make are bean burritos. You can buy dry pinto beans and throw them in the crock pot overnight. The next day, throw them in a heated tortilla with some cheese. If you don't add fat to the beans, it's really healthy, too.
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